How to bring down the temperature of folk remedies

A fever is not a bad symptom of the disease. Do not rush to take medicine and pills to reduce the temperature, of course, if the overall condition allows to endure. The temperature of the body fights viruses, the causative agents of the disease, which killed at high temperatures.

Try a folk remedy against fever. They are softer, without causing any complications in the internal organs, as is the case with drug therapy.

At high temperature should be a good sweat, so you need to drink a lot. Brew a delicious and aromatic tea made from raspberry and lime blossom, or drink cranberry juice or juice, these beverages have antimicrobial effects.

Rose hips extract helps to strengthen the body thanks to the content of vitamin C. It is good to drink at night. Thus, it is believed that one grapefruit, half lemon or two oranges lower the temperature by 0.5 degrees. Helps at high temperature, wiping with a cloth dampened in cool water. Also put a wet cloth on his forehead and often change it as it dries.

And a very important point, which must be met to fulfill the room where the patient is with fever, should be well ventilated or be air conditioned.

Fresh air — the guarantee of health, healing will come much faster if the premises will not be stagnant air.

These tips would be appropriate, if the temperature caused by colds. If you know that you have a fever for another reason, due to the inflammation of internal organs, then be sure to call the doctor or ambulance.



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