The electric Tesla Model S sold more than a gasoline BMW, Mercedes and Audi

In the period from January to March of this year, people have acquired a lot more electric cars Tesla Model S, than cars running on petrol fuel, manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW. Machine Tesla's model premium, but even so, the demand for them has been growing recently.

In large cities, the gases coming from cars running on gasoline are very harmful, so the environment every year requires more and more attention. This problem can be solved in the process of improving the infrastructure of road transport. You can, for example, to increase the number of separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians. But this is very difficult to achieve, so in this case, ecological car that runs on electricity, can be the best solution. Especially when you consider the fact that over time our energy system will switch to eco mode, which will depend on the use of entirely renewable energy sources. But at the moment we can only wait and hope that soon the company Tesla Motors will produce electric car, able to compete with those machines, which are now in high demand.

The state of the environment is very important, so those who appreciate and love the environment, understand the need to transition to electric cars, because they are completely harmless — there is no emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.



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