15-year-old has created a robot hand controlled by thought


15-year-old Shiva Nathan (Nathan Shiva) created an artificial arm that moves the signals of the human brain, reports The Boston Globe. Signals are generated by two States of the brain – attention and relaxation, and are transmitted to the robot over a wireless Bluetooth device.Artificial arm can move from side to side and bend the fingers. While the hand can be controlled very accurately, but the invention is highly praised by experts, and he is Nathan has already received several prizes. It's $5,000 for innovative use of Bluetooth in the past in last month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, another $5000 Nathan won the competition of medical technologies, conducted under the auspices of the University of Carnegie Mellon.

Interest in robotics was born a boy in 2012, when one of the relatives he lost both hands in an accident a few years ago. I decided to take matters into their own hands and create a prosthesis, " said Nathan. Nathan is keen on technology, he writes IPhone apps and attends pre-University classes at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. He spent months studying the literature on artificial limbs and learning how to build different components such as the toes. To read the brain signal is used NeuroSky MindWave – a neurocontroller, to be worn on the head as a headband. The headset detects brain waves and sends a signal via Bluetooth. As mentioned above, uses only two States: attention and relaxation. When the fingers are compressed when relaksacii – relax. Ie, the hand does not raise the subject if you just think about it, but the first important step is already made by experts of the field. Nathan himself is working on an updated version that will be controlled by gaze, and gives a part of the winnings to charity.

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