Unique water purification in America—drinking water from the toilet

Texas, Wichita falls, is a place in the near future may be the first in the United States settlements, where drinking water is a product of cleaning water runoff, including water from the toilet.

Urgent need for secondary wastewater use appeared as a result of the severe drought that continues in Wichita falls for three years. Local mayor Glenn Barham says that the most severe restrictions on the use of drinking water problem of its lack does not decide. “Once a week car washes are closed, residents of the city while reduced water consumption is already on a third, however, and so even our reserves in two years will have been completed,” — says Barkhem.

To solve such urgent problems, but also to stop the flight of local inhabitants in other cities, officials have initiated the construction of a pipeline with a length of 13 miles, which connects the processing plant wastewater plant and drinking water production. That is washed away in sinks and toilets waste will be the water that flows from the taps.

Local residents such news Izzy. They believe that it's just "disgusting". And not wanting to drink sewage water, residents of Wichita falls stocking up on bottled water, despite the fact that this results in significant financial costs. People are going to use its reserves, when tap will pour purified water. Many do not stop and that it will meet all existing health standards.
In this case, and the mayor of the city, and companies who intend to carry out cleaning, say that the new water will be both safe and clean, that is suitable for drinking.

Note that there are also people who approved the decision. So, one local businesswoman said: "We need officials to trust, because they've done research, spent a lot of money on tests. I was born here, grew up, started a business, I don't want to close the business to move to another city”.

Barham said that when at home will do the recycled water, it will try the first one, making a good drink. He is ready to argue that the majority of his neighbors will also raise a glass to the prosperity of their native city, that is without a doubt drink this liquid.

In the water of New Orleans discovered brain-eating amoeba Parasite that devours the human nervous system, was discovered in the water supply of New Orleans (Louisiana). The locals are in a panic buy up bottled water, refusing the use of water from the tap, reports local media. The alarm of the local population caused the message, delivered on September 12, 2013 the Center for disease control, which stated that in the water system of the two districts were found parasitic organism Naegleria Fowler, according to the Associated

New study: it's never too late to quit drinking Where there is life there is hope, and it says that it's never too late to quit drinking, even in the case of severe liver, according to new research from the University of Southampton (University of Southampton).

Source: globalscience.ru


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