Why when losing weight, suffering skin

Diet: friend or foe?

Diets that bring quick results are usually associated with restriction of fats and carbohydrates in food, as well as an overall reduction in calories. Two or three days of this diet are not able to greatly harm your health, however, the woman stoically kept within several weeks, sometimes falling down on fatty and sugary foods. But besides the problems with the "returning" of weight, a nasty surprise awaits in the form of brittle hair and nails, pale and flabby skin, deep wrinkles and fatigue.

"Magic" pills

Those who are not willing to limit yourself to food, their hopes for the special capsules, teas and powders for weight loss. However, most of these drugs lead to various diseases, although the weight may fall. But what a joy of a slender figure, if starts to act up the liver, loses the menstrual cycle and the skin takes on an unhealthy hue. Dryness, flaking in the T-zone, brittle nails and split ends – all these are consequences of "magic" weight loss.

Why is this happening?

The human body is to maintain all important functions spends a day a certain amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. The absorption of these components together with vitamins and minerals occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. If artificially (by diet or tablets) to shift the balance of fats and carbohydrates, the body will get less energy and many vitamins and minerals are not absorbed because they are fat soluble.

The more and more you violate the inherent nature of balance, the worse functioning in the intestines, and it means less goes into the body is essential for health and beauty items. The first suffering that is not necessary for survival under stress, that is visual appeal. Inadequate nutrition will have an impact on the internal organs, but skin, hair and nails is the first symptom of metabolic disorders.

And this is only half the problem. If you choose for weight loss "fat blocker" that prevents the absorption of fat in the intestine, expect additional problems in the form of intoxication and different types of acne. The reason is simple: fats are splintered, but did not sink deep, so the gut starts their decomposition. In the process of formation of toxins and harmful compounds, which in norm should not be. They, unlike fat, is not blocked and starts to poison your body, causing weakness, flatulence, diarrhea and many other unpleasant feelings.

What should I do?

If you haven't joined the "pursuit of thinness", then select the sport and a balanced diet that is harmless. Perform the unloading, the detoxification of the body. But if the consequences of incorrect weight loss has already messed you up, do not despair: there is a way to restore the natural beauty and at the same time to correct the broken metabolism. This will require a complete detoxification with enterosgel. During the course of the body removed not only the products of fat breakdown, but also many other harmful compounds that may be in our food (preservatives, bacteria etc). Upon completion of the course, try to choose the most convenient complex for weight loss, which would take into account the special needs of your body.

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