The owner is arrested for brick collar your dog

The man was arrested after the service found out that he's forcing the dog to wearing a collar of broken bricks.

Buyers that are close to "Mothercare" in Stoke-on-Trent on Sunday morning were shocked by what they saw. Nearby sat a knitted dog, which had a makeshift collar on the form is very heavy.

Dog, Staffordshire bull Terrier, was taken by the officers, his 25-year-old owner was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty about evening of the same day.

Twenty-seven, Lucy barrow (Lucy Burrow) , one of the women in the Park "Festival Retail" in Etruria, said that the animal was struggling with trying to keep your head up.

"We are faced with a dog that obviously belonged to the breed of Staffordshire bull Terrier who looked very sad and could barely lift his head," she said.

"When we looked better, we realized the collar was made of broken bricks folded in black polyethylene, it was very cruel."

Ms. burrow said that the crowd of spectators even turned to the owners of the dogs when they left the store, but they did not feel any guilt.

"When a couple asked whether I think what they are doing and why, a man and a woman began to behave very aggressively and said "we can do what we want – this is for learning, it will make it stronger" however the only reason I think that they do that is to prepare a dog for dog fighting".

Kendra Pinder (Kendra Pinder), Chairman of the charity event to help animals, called the incident "disgusting".

The police said that the man was released on bail pending further investigation and have asked witnesses who have not communicated with the officers to call at the numbers listed to testify.



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