Background noise in the head affects a number of abilities

During the most complex experimental test involving the fact of the enormous number of volunteers, scientists, and professionals made up electroencephalography all respondents by examining the brain for the presence of the respective abnormalities.

Scientists have concluded that the ability of a person to implement the wishes for future decisions substantially affected the fluctuation of the waves of electrical activity in the brain. Surprisingly, the decision taken may have incorrect start, as scientists believe, having in this regard is a serious evidence base.

According to the media, citing official source, some of the finished results is a confirmed hypothesis, proposed thirty years ago by experienced scientists of the time.

Scientists identified the gene genius Experts scientific Council of the British Institute of psychiatric research, standing in London near the University "Kings College", the recent revelation that a high level of activity of a gene "NPTN", forming the gray matter in the brain, contributes to the enhancement of intellectual abilities.

To such conclusion the experts, the scientists were able to come, thanks to on this account some simple research, proving that the genome and affect the degree of genius of the person as an individual.

It should be noted that the range of intellectual abilities dependent to the fact that the language of science is called information exchange at the neuronal level of the brain. The active part of all metabolic processes, ensures the activity of the gene with the above title, which identifies the ability of the human brain to various communications and information processing data the most various subjects.

Other insights on this type of research, scientists do not hurry to share with journalists, explaining its position has not yet finished research.



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