Toyota is developing a car that can hover above the ground

While Google "learns" their cars to move without anyone's help, Toyota is exploring the possibility of creating a car that can hover above the ground at low altitude. Toyota believes that this technology can significantly improve energy efficiency and to improve the speed performance of cars. In an interview with Bloomberg at the summit of The Next Big Thing in San Francisco, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, managing Director of the technical Department of Toyota, said that the company is currently studying the possibility of creating a flying car in one of the "most advanced" divisions of research and development. However, he said that in this case we are talking about the concept car that rises above the road to the small height to reduce the friction force, not flying in three-dimensional space car. In fact, Toyota wants to create a machine for the so-called air cushion formed is injected under the bottom of the air.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yoshiki didn't want to go into details and did not say when Toyota engineers started to explore the possibility of establishing such a vehicle, how they managed to move forward on this issue and when can we expect the first prototypes. During your presentation at the summit The Next Big Thing, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki was on stage with David Friedman, administrator of the National office for road safety (NHTSA). Together they discussed the future of unmanned vehicles. Mr. Friedman said that NHTSA consider the recent project of a fully self-driving cars Google as "the great innovation of the future", but also consider other technologies in the automotive industry, which can be used much earlier, not less important. One of them refers to automated systems that can keep vehicles at a safe distance from each other, as well as the tools to prevent a skid.

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