Huge reserves of water found in the mantle of our planet

Scientists from Illinois, the United States found that the amount of water on the planet is not limited to the oceans, which covers more than 70% of its surface. It turned out that a much large reserves are hidden in the bowels of the Earth.

According to experts, in the mantle of our planet can contain up to three volumes of the world ocean. With such a sensational statement was made by scientists in the pages of the latest issue of the publication New Scientist.

It enormous reserves of liquid, according to the researchers, can be explained by the fact that for centuries the water level in seas and oceans remains unchanged. Also, this discovery of the correct theory of the origin of water on Earth.

According to the article, the water is contained in a special rock ringwoodite, which lies in the mantle at a depth of about 700 kilometers. It is known that ringwoodite is one of the forms of other mineral – olivine. He is a major part of the mantle.

The fact that the volume of the detected water reservoir is expressed as a significant figure that confirms the theory of the internal origin of water. That is, the water appeared on our planet during the formation of the Solar system. The theory is always opposed to another hypothesis, according to which water on the Ground brought a passing comet.

Also now it became clear why the capacity of the oceans has not changed throughout the history of mankind. Readings taken from seismographs 2000, allowed us to build a clear picture.

It turned out that the rocks saturated with water, is capable of holding the vibrations sent during the earthquake, much longer than it can do dry rocks. The scientists were able to calculate the change of speed and type of acoustic waves at the moment when they will pass through ringwoodite. This allowed in the laboratory to create this material for subsequent replays of action that can happen in the depth of its occurrence.



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