The brilliant technology of Nikola Tesla has been used for decades


In 1900, Nikola Tesla received U.S. patent No. 645 576 the technology of wireless transmission of electricity

Tesla's experiments in this area still shrouded in mystery, and yet, in different ways, this technology is used for more than one decade. Largely due to the researches of the great Serb.
In his experiments Tesla used electrostatic induction, where the electric field created due to the charge plates of alternating current of high frequency and high potential. The capacitance between the two electrodes and the supplied device forms a potential difference. Electric energy transmitted by means of electrostatic induction, Tesla used, for example, to get to work cordless lamps.

But his plans were much grander – world Wireless System. Its aim Tesla saw the combining of energy transfer with broadcast and directional wireless communications, which would allow to get rid of numerous high-voltage transmission lines and Sodeistvie Association of electric-generating on a global scale. Here he is hurried, and the first element of the system, tower Vanderlip, remained unfinished.

However, many associate the phenomenon of the Tunguska meteorite just with Tesla's experiments in the tower Vanderlip. According to this version, the destruction of the forest was caused by a "short circuit" between the charged atmosphere and the land. However, as Tesla was able to transmit such energy at such a distance remains a mystery.

But apart from the conspiracy and return to technology, you will find many interesting things:

In 1964, was demonstrated a model helicopter that received power remotely from a microwave beam.
In 1975 and 1997 was successfully completed experiments on the transmission of several tens of kilowatts of power to a distance of about one kilometer.
In 2008, suggested that Bombardier PRIMOVE – a powerful system of wireless power for use in trams and engines, light-duty Railways.
In the same 2008, Intel successfully reproduced the experiments of Nikola Tesla, 1894 and the panel of John brown, 1988, for the wireless transmission of power to glow bulbs.

In 2009, the Wireless Power consortium announced the completion of a new industrial standard for low power inductive chargers – the same Qi wireless charging for smartphones, which is now being distributed in the market. In the same year, Haier Group introduced the world's first completely wireless LCD TV based on the research of Professor Marina Salacia on wireless energy transfer and wireless home digital interface (WHDI).

In 2013, South Korea has been successfully tested wireless OLEV train system. Now it is prepared to enter the market.
This is only part of the embodiments of the technology, which was developed by Nikola Tesla. And although there is no reason to believe that soon we will finally get rid of wires, research in the field of wireless power transfer are likely to shape the future of technology, energy and humanity.

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