A sedentary lifestyle leads to cancer


German researchers claim that the additional two hours seat increase the risk of cancer by 10 percent, regardless of the amount of physical activity in General.

Scientists at the University of Regensburg came to this conclusion after studying data on 43 studies with a total number of participants more than 4 million and nearly 70 thousand cases of cancer. Experts found that every additional two hours seat increase the risk of cancer by 10%. Of special concern to scientists was the fact that the increase in risk was not affected by the degree of physical activity during the day. This suggests that even people engaged in sports activities, can increase the risk of cancer, after spending some extra time.

Comparing the maximum and minimum levels of a sedentary lifestyle, the researchers saw a significant increase in three types of diseases: cancer of intestines, uterus and lungs. The extra two hours on the chair or sofa to increase the risk of cervical cancer by 10%, intestines and lungs to eight and six percent, respectively.

The study authors Daniela Schmid and Dr Michael Leitzmann believe that there are several explanations for this fact. So, sitting in front of the TV is accompanied by eating junk food and sugary drinks, which leads to bowel cancer. The time spent sitting, displaces physical activity, resulting in reduced energy consumption, there is an increase in weight and obesity, which are associated with an increased risk of developing cancer, the report said.

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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