By 2020, 55% of Britons are vegetarians and vegans


Vegfest is the biggest vegan festival in Europe, held annually in the United Kingdom, predicts that more than half of the population go to the way of life "without violence", and it is the year 2020.
Veganism is sweeping from the underground movement straight to the ruling. Some journalists believe that it is the most rapidly growing movement in the world. According to 2009 year, in the UK there were 11.5% of vegetarians from the public. This country was not only coined the term "vegan", here came the vegan and the first newspaper in the world. The organization Vegan Society has made progress when the word "vegan" was still known far not in all countries.
Vegfest UK suggests that almost 55 percent of the population are vegetarians and vegans by 2020.
Why did they make such conclusion?
For starters, they analyzed the interest in the event in social networks. The festival is held annually in three British cities. The last of them in Brighton, was attended by a record number of people — 7500.
In addition, recorded a 100% increase in sales of vegan literature on eBay and Amazon.
Also noted greatly increased interest in vegan alternatives to meat and milk. In connection with the scandal with horsemeat, and for ethical reasons.
Add to this the recent statement by Google about a 100% increase in the number of requests for the word "vegan" in their search engine and get a great chance that the prediction can be true.
Dr. Ellsworth Warham 98 years, half of which he is a vegan.
Wareham renowned heart surgeon, graduated to operate at 95 years old.
He believes that a healthy lifestyle contributes to his longevity, and cites a study by the University of Loma Linda as evidence of this (Loma Linda's Adventist Health Studies).

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