Why do people become vegetarians?

If you want to test my willpower to be a vegetarian.

There are major reasons why people become vegetarians. Vegetarianism is a difficult life choice. To give up meat only man with a highly developed will power. What pushes people to take such a decisive step to abandon the use of meat?

        To preserve your health

One of the reasons because of which people stop eating meat is bad health. For many people doctor's advice about the plant-based diet – a huge blow to the psyche. Not everyone can just change their priorities. But try vegetarianism useful not only sick people but also completely healthy, who care about their health.

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The ethical question of vegetarianism relates directly to the death of a living being. Issue of the killing is associated not only with eating dead animals, but wearing their skin and fur. This concept speaks of a conscious relationship of man to environment, good level of his consciousness.

  Environmental problems

Our society shows increasing interest in the situation of the environment. Gradually comes the realization that we can't immoral to waste natural resources at the same rate.

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Now the most common reason why people want to become vegetarians, is the fashion. In Western countries it is very fashionable. To some extent, this may become a new "trough" for companies whose economic niche environmental goods.

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