Treatment of the knee joint.

Joint disease is a scourge of our modern society. Pain get joints of different parts of the body and the most common diseases of the knee. In addition to medicamentous treatment it is necessary to use traditional methods. If you or someone in your family plagued by pain in the knees, associated with joint disease, the more likely you will not do alone pharmacy means. Consider some of the most effective recipes of folk medicine that will help to get rid of the pain.

Egg rubbing

This remedy is prepared from fresh yolk of one egg, mixed in equal quantities with turpentine and Apple cider vinegar. The mixture should be thoroughly mixed and thoroughly wipe down the affected joints before going to bed. Then the site should be moderately to wrap and wrap a warm woolen scarf. The procedure should be carried out through equal intervals of time several times a week. The rubbing of oil of celandine

This tool is one of the most effective in combating osteoarthritis of the knee. To make a rubbing, you need to carefully mash 3 tablespoons of fresh crushed celandine and pour the mass with vegetable oil (preferably olive), cork the bottle and put it on in a few weeks in a dark place. After that, the mixture should be thoroughly strain it and use it as a topical treatment on a daily massage for one month. The steamed compresses of burdock

One procedure involves the use 6-7 leaves of small size. They need to lay down in a pile and cover with a pot of hot water to the leaves raspalis. Before applying steamed leaves, you should lubricate the affected joint with vegetable oil. On top, we have to put plastic wrap or a plastic bag and wrap a warm scarf. Infusion of dandelion

In the summer, this plant can make an infusion. To do this, fill flowers a dark bottle up to half and filled them with alcohol. Leave the infusion for a month in a dark place, then strain. Prepared medium stored at room temperature. Infusion should RUB the sore knees every night for at least one month. Usually the pain goes away, but the use of the funds is to continue for another two weeks. Shilajit

Mix 3 g with Shilajit 100 g of any natural honey. The resulting structure should before bed to RUB into the affected area during the week. In addition, the drug is recommended to use inside. Rubbing of camphor

This recipe will help to relieve pain and improve circulation in the legs. In order to obtain 0.5 l of solution is necessary to fill a small piece of camphor prepared with a mixture of vodka, vegetable oil and turpentine in the ratio of 1:1:1. The mixture should before bed to RUB the affected knee and well insulate it.


This plant helps in the treatment of various diseases of the joints and improves metabolism. It is recommended to use a woodlouse in the food, adding it to salads and soups. And for the treatment of the affected knee it is necessary to apply the tincture. For its preparation should be tightly folded into a three-liter jar of dry wood louse and pour 0.5 liters of vodka, tightly close the lid and leave the mixture to infuse for 10 days. The resulting tool should be taken 15 minutes before meals for 1 tablespoon, not filtering. Cabbage

Cabbage leaves should be lubricated with honey and at night apply to affected joint. Top sheets are fixed with a bandage or handkerchief. In the morning the compress should be removed, wash the place with water until the evening to put fresh compress. The course of treatment is 1 month. Iodine

Take equal proportions of 5% medical iodine, 10% ammonia, medical bile, glycerin and the may flower honey, mix and insist in a dark place for 10 days. Before use, the mixture is heated on a water bath and used as compresses. You can also moisten in the infusion wipes and applied overnight to the affected knee, wrap with cellophane and a warm woolen scarf.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic infusion of herbs

To prepare this collection, mix 2 tbsp. l. infusion of dandelion root, buckthorn, fennel fruit and the fruits of parsley, and add to them 0.5 liters of boiled water. This collection should take 2 tablespoons daily on an empty stomach.

Herbal infusions

1. The infusion of birch buds. 100 g kidney pour 0.5 liters of vodka and infuse for one month in a dark place. The finished product should be rubbed into the affected area daily.

2. Infusion of cowberry. 2 tbsp of lingonberry leaves pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave under the pillow for 1 hour. The resulting infusion to drink throughout the day before meals.

3. The decoction of leaves of strawberry. 2 tbsp fresh or dried strawberry leaves pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for 15 minutes. A decoction is used instead of the usual tea – drink several glasses daily.

Remember that the only popular methods to cure sore joints impossible. Works best complex: gymnastics, healthy lifestyle, treatment from a doctor and people's rubbing.published

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