First Polish eco-pool

Poland's first 100% ecological pool is preparing to open in the town of Swietochlowice August 1, 2014. The name of the pool received through a special environmentally oriented cleaning methods and water supply and many other technological discoveries used in the construction. In particular, the water after use and before applying the new in the bowl of the pool will handle without the aid of any chemicals. Chemicals, chlorinated classic, easily replace the particular strain of bacteria, completely environmentally friendly and safe for humans. Will involve innovative devices and mechanisms for cleaning, which fully meets environmental standards.

Environmental pools has already managed to win popularity in other European countries, especially in Germany, where already in operation nearly 200 basins with similar treatment technology. To create one such project in Poland, it took investment of about $ 5 million dollars. The eco-pool decided to turn the old swimming pool which was empty for over 10 years. Next to the pool will appear to squash courts, fitness rooms and cafes.



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