Elcontainer for drinking water KOR

A container for drinking water – a thing useful and necessary. Remember what containers do you use in the gym, on the road or while camping. Most likely this is a simple PET-bottle, made of best plastic material, which is likely already forever settled in landfill or floating in the ocean. 40% of the total plastic waste on the planet make up a bottle!

KOR international company engaged in the production of reusable containers for personal hydration, if simple words, the containers for the water. Products KOR is environmentally friendly and is ideal for those who care about their health and supported the idea to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life.

Used in the production of innovative material called Tritan™, which does not contain harmful BPA and completely recyclable. This is quite expensive and totally harmless material prefer to use manufacturers of baby bottles for feeding. In addition, containers for water KOR comfortable and have a classy design and reliable snap-fit mechanism allows you to open a bottle just one click!

Source: ecoafisha.ru


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