The education of children from an early age

It will take another couple of years, and your child will have to send to kindergarten. Some question usefulness of and the need for a kindergarten for your child, and you decide this is a matter of each family. But stubborn statistics says that children who do not attend kindergarten are less open to dialogue, despite continued school and College years. Again, the difficulty at this stage in the first place, arise from the choice of the kindergarten. The fact that at this age the child absorbs like a sponge all the information they heard, and it was during this period parents should determine inclinations of the child to one or another direction. Some children show interest in logic thinking, and some for languages, some singing, etc. So it is best if the parent advance notice of the predisposition of the child and treat it in a specialized kindergarten.Thus, the kid from the beginning, finds its place under the sun and in the future will hardly have difficulty in choosing their activities. Haven't we known cases of children of preschool age, who easily beat experienced players-players? Or children who are without accent speak foreign languages or show incredible technique in sports? All this is the result observed at the time older talents who are given the opportunity to develop. Therefore, spouses as possible it is necessary to carefully monitor the child in this period, revealing all of his abilities, not to impose their will. One of the wise Oriental sayings reads: "up To five years treat the son like a king, with 5 to 18 – as with the slave, and the 18-year – as a friend". Of course, many can argue this wisdom, but it is the makings of what will be your baby in the future, must recognize you, dear parents, and you have all the responsibility will be whether or not your child is a happy individual, knowing yourself and realizing your potential in the right way.

With very young children, you should instill in your child a love of books, because they are the source of knowledge. Scroll with your child picture books: this is the most informative for the baby, and, in addition, develops eye muscles. Try to teach a child to read before the school period to try to determine what he is most interested. Read aloud to him, asking about what you read, you develop the ability to think and learn to competently Express your thoughts since childhood.




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