26 charming gadgets that will turn your kitchen into a real zoo

Kitchen is the place where the person spends most of their time preparing meals or chatting over a Cup of tea with raspberry jam. As befits the place in the house, the kitchen should be comfortable, light and give a positive charge and joy to all the guests and household. Charming gadgets in the form of funny animals that are waiting for you in the continuation of the article, not only will make a drop of positive in the interior of your kitchen, but can become indispensable helpers any owner.

Pan's Panda

Food cooked in this pan will turn out much tastier!

Cheese grater in the form of a hedgehog

Cute hoglets are good helpers of every housewife

Grater in the form of alligator

Holder for toothpicks in the form of a hedgehog

Tea strainer in the form of a sea cow

This guy sitting in your Cup, be sure to lift the spirits at tea time

Shape ice tray dinosaur

Where is the best to preserve the remains of dinosaurs? That's right, in the freezer

A potato peeler in the shape of monkeys

These little friendly helpers will help you quickly peel potatoes

A knife in the form of a dog

Cheese knife in the form of a Fox

The cutest teapot in the form of a cat

Original teapot in the form of a giraffe

The scapula in a cat

With such assistants your pancakes certainly will not burn

The can opener in the form of a Toucan

Use the beak of this bird is to open a tin can

Bottle opener in the form of a Toucan

Original opener in the form of a crocodile

Corkscrew in the form of an owl

Spoon pasta in the form of a dinosaur

Clamps for packages, in the form of African animals

Skewers for corn in the form of dinosaurs

A pizza cutter in the form of fish

Charming assistant to wash dishes

A set of owl cups

Potholder in the form of shark

Gravy boat in the form of a wild cat

Holder for knives in a shark's mouth

Ice cream spoon in the form of a whale

Source: 4tololo.ru


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