Cancer kills 50 percent more men than women

The results, published July 13, 2014 British scientists show that more than 3.5 million women and 4.6 million women worldwide die each year from cancer. Thus, the mortality due to cancer among men (126 per 100 thousand) 50 percent higher than among women (82 per 100 thousand).

The data also indicate that each year more than 14 million patients worldwide learn that they have cancer, with men 24 per cent more likely.

Dr Harpal Kumar, head of global cancer research in the UK, argues that it is vital that the government took up the inequalities reflected in these figures.

Ormiston nick Smith, said:

"Contrast on floor in the mortality due to cancer may lie in the fact that there is a larger number of men who are diagnosed with more serious types of cancers that are harder to treat, such as cancer of the bladder, lungs, liver and esophagus".

For example in America, where data on the prevalence of cancer is considered to be the most accurate, the mortality rate of cancer – 105,78 deaths for every 100 thousand. In Peru, where the data is less accurate, the rate of mortality – 92,1 deaths for every 100 thousand.

Professor Ormiston-Smith notes that the lifestyle has a big impact on cancer risk. Thus, worldwide, approximately 100 million deaths to cancer in the last century were due to tobacco consumption, which is 10 times more likely to kill a person.

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