Low-carb diet

Easily digestible carbohydrates faster than other food components are converted into fats. Therefore, starting to rebuild the power needed to dramatically limit the use of starch, sugar and fructose.

In response to the limitation of "fat" carbohydrates start processed endogenous fat and protein. The first time can accumulate ketones used now for energy, so the amount of fluid should not be curtailed.
The next step low carbohydrate diet is off from the supply of confectionery products, macaroni, sweet drink in any interpretation and beer. Fruits to use sparingly, meticulously choosing the most fortified.

But here's what you can eat in almost any amounts: nuts, seeds, greens, beans and other legumes, meat and fish. Vegetables you can eat, but it is better raw. For example, boiled carrots and potatoes, same vegetables, but with easily digestible carbohydrates.

The temptation to Supplement the diet with multi vitamins is justified. However, it is strictly for 10 days with large gaps between courses and not at the beginning of any diet. Like other medicines, vitamin supplements a few "loaded" our liver, which is especially important in case of excessive formation of products of fat breakdown in the body.

For people with dyskinesia of the biliary system of the liver can be recommended to strictly observe the correct mode of eating, including snacking. You can receive a number of simple hepatic.

In some cases, low-carb diet is not justified.

It is best not to use these recommendations for pregnant and lactating women. With caution use constraints in children and adolescents. If paratrophic the child or overweight teen diet is better to work individually, in conjunction with the dietitian. Of course, this takes into account comorbidities, a further examination of the hypothalamus.
Special diets are assigned to people with diabetes, thyroid disease, phenylketonuria. Variety of renal disorders, cardiac and vascular pathology. For example, the tendency to edema fluid will have to be limited, as in hypertension. So, the diet should be more gentle and enter her slowly need, waiting for a soft restructuring of metabolism.

When exchange kidney exchange nephropathy – a possible limitation of phosphates or of calcium, or other components. Therefore, knowing your body can periodically enter or exclude related products.
Subjectively you can still appreciate the positive aspects of proper low-carb diet. Will come a surge of strength and energy, ease of movement. On the contrary, feelings of depletion and exhaustion should not be, if you do it right.

Wish us Bon appetite. And approach this issue with a competent, but at the same time a creative point of view. Today you can start. For example, sugar in your coffee for starters, you can replace the stevia. She now comes across even in regular stores and feel all the more sweet.

In any case, do not Deplete the reserves of minerals mono diet. To meticulously count calories same not have to, but be proud of your achievements you need. Be sure to add in nutrition pleasant berries: bilberry, blueberry, cherry, cherries, red and black currants fresh.

To low-fat meats include rabbit and white meat chicken. But stick to this is not necessary. Fat gives food flavor and in moderate amounts is not as harmful. For vegetarians very best product is soya, tofu. Thus, vegetables are addition and garnish to the basic dishes of delicious protein. Gradually come skill to choose not starch vegetables, often eat the greens, reducing gradually easily degradable carbohydrates.

Following a low carbohydrate diet, consider the number of fruit eaten, if you strongly dislike. Without them sometimes, eating through the day, choosing the most favorite. But from muffins, pasta and bread, fruit juices should refuse categorically. But you can add bran, bread, brown rice. Drinking sodas is to stop all sensible people. The gas bubbles irritate, stretch the stomach and intestines, and the shock the amount of sugar strains the pancreas. Strongly stimulate the appetite spices and alcohol. Therefore, they should be handled carefully. Eliminate butter and margarine when cooking foods, since they are from saturated fatty acids.

Should eat any meat. This beef, and veal, and rabbit, as well as lean pork, poultry (chicken, duck, goose and Turkey). Ideal saltwater fish, as it with the useful unsaturated fatty acids. Love is cod, salmon, salmon. By the way soup salmon can be delicious and easy to make even at home. Seafood can and should, but not every day: oysters, crabs, shrimp, mussels.

When a low carbohydrate diet dairy choose only low-fat options for cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt. By the way the curds are often high starch content. Eggs of all birds – a great source of protein and calcium. Cook a variety of side dishes of cucumbers, tomatoes and all types of cabbage. Add onion or garlic, and radishes, zucchini perhaps. Alternate zucchini sprinkled with celery and eggplant with leaf salad. Mushrooms are beautiful and delicious sorbents for the intestines. But they are digested with difficulty, so low calorie, but very tasty. They should fry in vegetable oil with the addition of, for example, sour cream and cottage cheese, not butter. As for the dish of meat with mushrooms and herbs.

Sample menu of low carb diet.

Different sources offer their own versions, which you can convert using in the initial stages of weight loss.

1 day Breakfast should include scrambled eggs from three eggs with pre-roasted mushrooms, topped with onions and garnished with tomatoes. Coffee or tea without sugar. The snack can be eaten green Apple.
Then find time for a second Breakfast of lettuce with a spoon of vegetable oil or low-fat cottage cheese in any quantity.
Lunch on the first day of the diet should be made up of three hundred grams of boiled meat of any sort, decorated with a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.
For dinner it is important to eat baked in foil fish, a greater diversity in the diet.

On the second day Breakfast consists of two hundred grams of cheese, pieces of Apple and a drink. Then two hours later eat a salad with olive or flax oil.
Lunch meat salad with herbs and a dressing of lemon juice with vegetable oil.
For dinner eat a light vegetable soup with the addition of cabbage, for example broccoli and cheese.

On the third day it is recommended to eat boiled eggs with a couple pieces of hard cheese, then a sweet drink. On the second Breakfast, seafood salad with grapefruit juice or celery.
Lunch may include vegetable soup with mushrooms, pork chops in olive oil.
Dinner squid, stuffed with boiled carrots, yogurt with pieces of fruit.

Please note that before sitting down on a low-carb diet, it is better to consult a doctor!

Source: dieta-dieta.ru


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