Effective static exercise for the core muscles and press—plank

Plank is a static exercise performed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, core muscles, back and even legs. To strengthen and train these muscles it is possible and without the traditional exercises lift the body and legs. During the execution of static exercises plank, the body should be kept in as fixed and, importantly, the right position.

Static exercises, including press, is nothing new in sports. But, as in other areas, the popularity of any exercise in sports dictated by trends. So that the plank exercise and how to perform?

Core muscles — is a complex of muscles, they are responsible for the support and stabilization of the spine, pelvis, hips. Planks are a static exercise, during which it is necessary to keep the body straight, in a tense situation — their main task is to make stronger the muscles, the stabilizing body. The core muscles include:

  • Oblique, transverse and straight muscle of the abdomen;
  • The adductor muscles;
  • Small and middle gluteal muscles;
  • The muscles back of the thigh;
  • Infraspinatus muscles;
  • Klyuchevye-brachial muscle, etc.
The consolidation of the crust can be considered the key to spinal health and good posture and protection from injury. Core muscles support the back, spine, and surrounding muscles and protect the everyday dynamic movements or loads from damage. In addition, any complex or power movement in sports and life begins with the contraction of the muscles bark. And then, when they are already involved in the work, the force is transmitted further, the work included the legs, arms, back, etc. "Weak team" sends "a weak centre", so if you need to increase the effective indexes for the impact or strength exercises, you need to train core muscles.

Regular static plank for core muscles and press will allow you to have abs of steel or just at home to bring the muscles in tone and tighten the body. Training the bark is included in many fitness programs and is an important part of yoga. These exercises are aimed not only at the lower and upper sections of the press, is a basic and restorative exercises for all abdominal muscles. Static bar can be recommended as a therapeutic exercise to strengthen the back muscles.

Plank is a static exercise, does not have movements, the main thing here is keep the body properly. The back should be straight, the whole body stretched in one line.

Basic, straight plank

Take a horizontal position, should be down on the floor, leaning on his elbows. Pull your body resting on your elbows and toes of the foot. Your elbows should be bent at a 90° angle, i.e. the elbow should not go backward or forward relative to the shoulder. The feet hold together. Legs tense, or straight muscle of the abdomen will reduce the load. Buttocks also tense. Their contraction increases the activation of all core muscles. The stomach should involve, and already caught up, you should try to draw him in the ribs. Throughout approach you should try to keep it in position, but not hold breath while doing this. The loin is probably the most difficult time. The lumbar spine when done correctly, should be flat. This means that the lower back no undue bend or rounded, like she's pressed against the wall. Hold the bar for a while. It is best to detect the clock run time to gradually improve. Varieties planorbella bracket, which includes more obliques.

Inverted plank (gluteus bridge) — includes all the rear chain Cora.

Static plank with raised — works front chain Cora, buttocks and front thigh muscles is dependent on posture.

Static plank on straight arms — the muscles of the back.


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