7 victims, which were the last woman for beauty

The victims, which is a woman to be beautiful at any cost!

1. Corsets

You know what men think especially boring? Buxom female body, that's what! Why, do you think, in the 19th century the stronger sex with such zeal whaling? To enable women to drag away his body corsets of whalebone and maim internal organs, of course.

2. Arsenic

In the 19th century it was fashionable to have arsenic in order to "give a person blooming, eyes - shine and body - an attractive roundness." Acceptance of arsenic, of course, regulated by a set of rules - the moon should be coming first reception - only one grain (not yet developed resistance), and when you've started, you should continue to eat this stuff all my life - or death.

True, there were side effects - arsenic accumulates in the thyroid gland and causes goiter. And sometimes death. But when it comes to beauty, who can stop it ...

3. Tapeworms

In this case, women are not just subjected to danger for the sake of their health slim figure - they voluntarily take up residence in your body disgusting parasites.

Tapeworm eggs received in the form of pills, after which these creatures grow in the intestine, absorbing the nutrients intended person. The owner lost weight, the parasites grow and tolstel.

Some worms reach a length of 30 meters. However, if desired, then it was possible to get rid of the "guests", but just imagine that one of you is pulled centimeter by centimeter long, flat, sticky and wriggling worm ... Brrr.

4. Stop racking


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