7 unexpected application tequila

Many alcoholic beverages can be used not only for its intended purpose. Vodka, for example - a great tool for removing stains and odors. But tequila has a truly magical abilities:

1. Artificial jewelry

In 2008, a group of scientists from Mexico found that the heated vapor from contact Tequila Blanco (40% alcohol) with silicon or stainless steel diamond film is formed. This film can then be used for various purposes - for the creation of electrical insulating materials, for example, or even to grow synthetic diamonds. Who could have known that the purchase of a bottle DonJulio $ 50 will be a good investment?

2. Alternative energy source

In 2011, researchers from Oxford University have suggested that in the near future, cars will be refilled tequila. They concluded that the agave - the plant from which tequila is made, it is suitable for use as biofuel, and quite attractive, because it grows well in the desert.

3. cold remedies

Everyone knows that the patient is shown to drink plenty of water. But if you add to the water portion or two of tequila, sick it becomes much more pleasant. In the 1930s, the Mexican doctor prescribed to patients with a cold cocktail next:

0, 5 ounces (15 ml.) Tequila Blanco

0, 5 oz agave nectar (to destroy bacteria and soften throat)

0, 5 oz lime juice (to provide the body with vitamin C)

4. The means for weight loss

Experts have long touted benefits of agave for its properties break down fats and lower cholesterol. However, there is one problem: in conjunction with alcohol portion of these useful properties are lost.

5. Treatment of insomnia


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