Correct monorail in the German city of Wuppertal

Moscow authorities many times stated that only in the capital of the monorail will never be profitable and generally brings a headache and loss. This is because the matter must be approached responsibly, not only would like. Here's how to look right monorail. It is located in the German city of Wuppertal, and the road itself is called Schwebebahn (Schwebebahn).

Monorail was launched into operation in 1901 (!) Year, and today carries over 25 million passengers a year. For comparison - Moscow monorail every day are 13-15 thousand people, that is, for the year "accumulates" more than 5 million passengers.

By the way, for 112 years of service to Shvebebane was only one accident to the dead, in 1999, the year. The workers left on the rails metal clip, the train ran into him and fell into the river Wupper. 5 people were killed and 47 wounded. Here is the breakdown.

1 accident for 112 years - it's about nothing. Therefore, the monorail is considered the safest form of public transport.


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