Steampunk in reality

One of the most stimpankovyh in spirit yet perfectly functional objects in the Old World - a suspended monorail in Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). It has existed for over a hundred years.

Wuppertal monorail usually called Schwebebahn, official as its name much longer: Einschienige Hängebahn System Eugen Langen (monorail suspension system Eugen Langen).

Designed road engineer Langen, who in 1890-ies built in Dresden unique pendant funicular, and in 1880 - the first German Monorail in Cologne. Discussions on the construction of an overhead railway horse-drawn around Wuppertal started much earlier, in the 1820s, when an entrepreneur Frederick Harcourt designed by British inventor Palmer built a model of such deystvuschuyu monorail at Elberfeld *. City councilors want to stretch the road from Elberfeld in Langenberg (one of the areas adjacent Velbert), but because of opposition from landowners deal stalled. It was only in 1898 in Wuppertal monorail began to build. Construction overseen by the imperial inspector Wilhelm Feldman, lasted three years. Monorail cost of 16 million marks. October 24, 1900 Kaiser Wilhelm II himself made a test drive in a suspended car.

The road was opened in the next year - March 1, passengers took the first turn, Clouseau - Zoo, May 24 - the western branch to Fovinkelya. Eastern branch to Oberarmena opened only 27 June 1903. During the Second World War was seriously poverezhdeniya monorail, but was quickly repaired and put into operation in 1946.

Destroyed in the bombardment station "Clouseau" recovered during the reconstruction carried out in the past decade


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