Useful properties of melon and what else you need to know about it

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Few people know that in Turkmenistan the August second Sunday is an official holiday, the Day of melon. Than deserve the fruit of such respect of a whole people? So, what are the useful properties of melon? And what other useful and interesting facts are known about this famous melon culture.

The beneficial properties of melon. Present in melon Inositol and silicon are very useful for hair grow faster and thicker. Iron has a positive effect on the entire circulatory system of man, and magnesium supports the heart. Beta-carotene, contained in melon, even in larger quantities than in the carrots makes the skin incredibly smooth and gives it a wonderful peach shade. The presence of folic acid and vitamin C significantly improve immunity and strengthen nervous system, remove fatigue and provide an excellent mood. The use of melon helps to cleanse the intestines, which in turn helps in the fight against excess weight.

But supporters of the popular methods of treatment not only for eating, they make lotions from the melon for bruises and sores, make a poultice of it on the chest for coughs and bronchitis and even plunge into the melon baths. Of course, these very unusual methods of treatment — "the Amateur". But to enjoy the taste of melon is a pleasure indeed exorbitant. Most importantly, to do it right.
So how do you properly eat the melon. Considering that a melon by itself, the product is quite heavy due to the large content of fiber, so it is better not to combine with other products. It is better to eat it for a couple of hours before the main meal or after. Moreover it is not necessary to drink melon milk or alcoholic drinks, because the body may not like it.

Also, despite the unusually delicate flavor need to pace yourself and know when to stop. Most interesting is that once a melon is even condemned! The French king Henry VI once so enthusiastic about the dessert of melons, got an upset stomach. He angrily sentenced to cause a melon to a public trial, where she was declared guilty of contempt of the Royal person and is devoted to damnation. Although, this sentence soon forgot, and again melon has taken a worthy place at the Royal table.

Meals of melon. Most fans of this delicacy can use many different ways of eating and cooking melon. In addition to the most common way to use melons, and that is fresh, it can also be marinated, jerk, dry and then do the peel, add to cereals, muesli and ice cream. It is the basis for many desserts, a filling for pies. From melon cooked marmalade, jams and preserves, harvesting the delicacy in reserve, so that in winter to remember the taste of summer sun.

The ripeness of melons — how to define it. First, the stem is suitable to the fruit to be thick in diameter and dried, and the crust on the opposite side needs a little bounce and not be very hard. Second, the color of the melon should be uniform. Thirdly, of a ripe melon is nice and strong smell and if to Pat her hand, then she lets out a muffled sound. Too soft peel, which when pressed leaves fingerprints, says the obvious over-ripeness of a melon.

Melon diversity. In addition to the usual many varieties of melon, "honey" fragrant aroma, there are other interesting varieties. So in the Caucasus grow unusual to taste a melon, something resembling strawberries. Armenian melons are similar to cucumbers. Well, who does not know the famous carroussel the melon is perhaps one of the most delicious in the world of Goodies. She has after removal from the garden is sure to hang in the shade for a few days and only then it will be her extraordinary incomparable taste. Kept this melon can actually all winter. Probably for this carroussel dark green beauty is often called "hibernation".

Brown or red decorative jugs of Dulaimi reminiscent of apples, and a two-meter Tajik melons tarra with his wrinkled skin, it seems like a giant grovel. And although the taste Tarr is not too impressive, but its young shoots look similar to cucumbers. There is another plant called "bitter melon", but except the name it is sweet and delicious fruit have nothing in common. "Bitter melon" is used to make various medications because of its therapeutic properties is quite extensive.

Useful properties of melon variety. But even if she has, except taste and smell, there were no other advantages, and in this case, still it could be described as "heavenly pleasure".




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