The most expensive house in the UK

Heath Hall Mansion recognized as the most expensive home in Britain, located in the free market.

The famous British billionaire Cypriot origin Andreas Panayiotou originally asked for a house of 100 million pounds. However, buyers have two news - good and bad. Good - in March 2013 the cost tycoon reduced the cost of 35 million. Pounds. The bad - for the house will still need to pay 65 million, that too much!

Heath Hall is located in one of the most expensive areas of London - Hampstead, outside Bishops Avenue (The Bishops Avenue).

This famous mansion was built in 1910 for the sugar magnate William Park Lyle, who was standing at the origins of the company Tate & Lyle.

This property is considered so exclusive that potential buyers will have to be tested for reliability in the company of Realtors Glentree Estates.

The famous British billionaire Andreas Panayiotou acquired Heath Hall in 2006 and has invested 40 million pounds in repairs. Around the house a total area of ​​about 12 sq. M. m located gardens.


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