Places that have become brands

German castle became a symbol of the "Disneyland", Georgian Palace got the label of mineral water, and a Moscow mansion - on a bar of chocolate ... Not everyone knows that in the logos of famous companies and corporations to hide the real attractions.

Mount Matterhorn
Mountain peak in the logo of Swiss chocolates «Toblerone» is not confused with anything: like a quadrangular pyramid of the Matterhorn is one of the most recognizable peaks in the Alps. This mountain (its height - 4478 meters), overhanging the village of Zermatt, rave all self-respecting climbers. There are more than 30 climbing routes on the peak, but they are only available to experienced pros. It's funny that picturesque mountain was not only on the packaging of bars, but "crept" into it: there is an idea that the unusual notched shape chocolate - multiple minireplika shape of the Matterhorn. By the way, if you look closely, in the center of the logo can be found bear. It symbolizes the Swiss capital and home «Toblerone» - Bern, which, according to one etymological version, translated as "city bears».

Neuschwanstein Castle
One of the most beautiful castles in Europe - German Neuschwanstein - now included in the lists of the most photographed sites in the world: all of the tourists here are sometimes stretched a kilometer. Additional popular Neuschwanstein added the fact that it was he who became the prototype of the castle of Sleeping Beauty in Paris "Disneyland." A hit at the same time and for the most recognizable among all the children of the world emblem - corporate logo Walt Disney. Enveloped in many legends of Neuschwanstein, in fact, it has become the main source of inspiration for Walt Disney's Hollywood storyteller.

Kremlin's Spassky Tower
Main Soviet emblem of the Olympic Games was invented by a student of the Stroganov School Vladimir Arsentiev. Similar spaghetti parallel lines (symbolizing treadmills) are drawn into the pyramid, which is crowned by a five-pointed star. The minimalist design is easy to guess the silhouette of the Spasskaya tower, but to become a "hero" of the logo could theoretically any other tower of the Kremlin. There is even a theory that the prototype "dorozhkoobraznogo" Building on the logo of the Olympics-80 was the Moscow State University. However, this version does not hold water - because the emblem was created for the most important sporting events on the planet, and not for the Universiade. In addition, the Kremlin, in contrast to the Moscow State University, has always been well-recognized in the world.

Hotel «Moscow»
Vodka "Stolichnaya" - the most popular brand of those "born in the USSR." In the world know about it firsthand, for example, in the United States Vodka Stolichnaya sold with 70s. On the label of Russian vodka №1 flaunts an important symbol of the capital - the building of the hotel "Moscow" (another first, the one, the draft of which, according to legend, coordinated by Stalin himself). By the time the "start" of the product neighbor Kremlin has celebrated its 5th anniversary. Which occupies an entire city block "Moscow" inaugurated in 1935, becoming one of the first hotels in the Soviet capital. The design of the label has since remained practically unchanged: varied font, to obscure the details of the picture, but the front of the building still is visible. But Stalin "Moscow" for several years there - on the ruins of the hotel is its double-remake.

Chamonix Valley
French mineral water «Evian» named after the town of Evian-les-Bains, near which there are several sources. It was here, on the shores of Lake Geneva with spectacular views of the Alps and the famous bottled water for the whole world. No wonder that on the logo «Evian» were just mountains. And the most photogenic - three snow-capped peaks that are perfectly visible from the nearby Evian from the Chamonix valley. At the center of the composition - Mont Blanc (4807 meters) and one of its neighbors - the peak of Aiguille du Midi, the famous not so much its pointed shape, as the highest cable car in the world.

Palace in Likani
Key design elements labels "Borjomi" were invented back in the 30s. Probably all familiar oval, which encloses the image peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, a fountain and a wing of the royal palace of Romanov. The latter was built in the XVIII century and is located in the village Likani in Borjomi gorge, famous for its mineral springs and pensions. In Soviet times, the palace was resting Joseph Stalin, now pompous building is the summer residence of the President of Georgia. Very near to the resort of Borjomi Likani is where extracted known therapeutic mineral water. A three-hour drive from the Black Sea village of splashing.

Basketball club "Utah Jazz", for which a decade played one of the best Russian forwards Andrei Kirilenko (nicknamed for their accuracy and rate of fire AK-47), based in Salt Lake City. The capital of the State of Utah is located in a valley surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and Wasatch Okuirr - the very same that branch off from the famous Rocky Mountains. It becomes clear why the logo of "Utah" and the snow-capped peaks pricked - these are the mountains, the views are out of Salt Lake City opened just crazy. By the way, local ridges spends much of the competition of the Winter Olympics in 2002.

Family Mansion Apricot
The logo confectionary concern "Babaev" painted a huge two-story mansion. It is the former home of apricot candy dynasty, which is located in Moscow at Small Krasnoselskaya Street, 7. The Art Nouveau house was built by architect Shnaubertom in 1905. Abrikosovs entered into the house (there is a bike that entrepreneurs specifically took a "sweet" name) moved to a larger plant family. On confectioners worked for several hundred people, the company produced about four thousand tons of candy and chocolate per year. When the revolution died down, the factory got a new name - in honor of the Secretary of the Communist Peter Babayev. In recent decades, the enterprise has changed owners several times, but the concern was geographically in the same place - in the Abrikosov mansion.

Tower Prince Rupert
Unremarkable in appearance squat tower actually is one of the main symbols of Liverpool. Or rather that part of Liverpool that is a fan of the football club "Everton". In the 30s of the last century, "toffee" (the nickname of the team) decided that their logo for something is not enough. And added to the brand image of ties and scarves Prince Rupert old tower, built in the XVIII century. The tower was severely past: she served and sobering-up station and even a prison. Later, peasants and workers just kept it as their tool. And if not for the club, "Everton", through which the tower fell sudden fame, God knows what it was like now with this ancient monument. Now the tower all love, and more recently the symbol of "butterscotch" experienced global reconstruction.

Bridge over the River Tyne
Reddish-brown ale with a rich flavor drink in pubs all over the world - from the US to Finland. Homeland same brand «Newcastle Brown Ale» (despite the fact that the brewery recently moved to the town of Tadcaster) will always be Newcastle. It was there, in the north-east coast of the UK, "Newcastle Brown Ale" in the 20's army scored its first fans. A label on the bottle got (and stayed there forever) then chief attraction of the city - the bridge over the River Tyne, the opening of which in 1928 came the King George V. The image of the bridge was placed in a five-pointed blue star: it symbolized the five breweries operating in Newcastle . One of them - under the name of John Barras - later turned into a network of well-known pubs. Tyne Bridge still adorns the label of English ale, but once he has a competitor: as a test case designers have placed on the logo of another bridge Newcastle - a brand new Millennium (The Gateshead Millennium Bridge), which is due to the amusing form has a nickname "blink of an eye ».

Mountain Artesonrahu
The history of the oldest film company logo US (and the only one remaining on the territory of Hollywood) is surrounded with a cloud of mystery. The top of the mountain, surrounded by a halo of stars being modified several times. According to legend, the first author of the logo «Paramount» was William Hodgkinson, one of the "founding fathers" of Hollywood cinema. He made a sketch of the mountain on a sheet of paper during a meeting with the owner of "Paramount" Adolph Zukor - perhaps it was one of the mountains in Utah, where his childhood Hodgkinson. But the most famous, "live", the company logo usually appears before the film and has a very different, sharp form. Some believe that the "model" for the screen served as the top of the Andes called Artesonrahu in Peru (see photo), while others see it as an Alpine peak of Monviso.

Brewery "Pilsner Urquell»
Pilsen brewery - the birthplace of the legendary brand Pilsner. It was here that came up with a special technology of dry light lager with a characteristic bitter and intoxicating aroma. This technology is now being applied all over the world. Original beer made by this technology is called Pilsner Urquell, and is today the most popular beer brand in the Czech Republic. For inspiration for its logo the guys from "Pilsner" did not go far: at the entrance to the brewery are powerful arched gate, which now has an image on each bottle of Pilsner Urquell. At the factory, you can look at all the components of "Prazdroj" (so this beer is called in Czech): barley, hops Bohemian, Pilsen water and brewer's yeast. A pleasant end of the tour - tasting Pilsner Urquell straight from the oak barrels. You can drink all you like!


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