German caught cod weighing 47 kg and a length of 1, 6 meters!

April 28 German Michael Eisele (Michael Eisele) hooked cod weighing 47 kg and a length of 1, 6 meters! The cod was caught in Breivik Fjord (Breivikfjorden), off the west coast of the island Sora (South) in Norway.
Fish caught at a depth of 19 meters.

Previous European record in sport catch of cod was 41, 72 kg. He, too, was installed on the South Island. The Marine Research Center of the South Island say that this is one of many large fish that they caught during the season. This year, 33 were caught cod weighing more than 30 kg.

In the evening on the dock fishing in Finnmark Center, located on the island of Sora (South) in the Norwegian Sea, was crowded - waiting for the return of the boat, where the morning to go fishing with a guide went to German angler Michael Eisele: crew notified the employees of the center that will be needed to establish the certified scales accurate mass record catch.

To move the trophy to the shore, most come to the stretcher, but big fish was carefully take some anglers on hand and accompanied by a numerous escort forwarded to the local fish processing factory town Breivikbotn, where there are certified scales for large catches.

At this time, according to the guide Darius Ignatavičius, hopes that the trophy would be Michael Eisele larger than last year's big cod caught near the island, were justified when the scoreboard weights determined figure 47, 2 kg, rejoiced not only the author of the trophy, but also representatives of the local Norwegian community. After all, the fact of non-target catch a record fish tackle decisively earned the title of capital of the largest island of the cod, which means a new leap fishing tourism. In the waters of the estuary deepwater Alta Fjord, against which the island of Sora, a twenty-catching cod is considered commonplace.

Until late at night in the presence of many witnesses in compliance with all formalities shaped by IGFA application for a new record. Claiming the world record cod pecked on a single bait - fish silicone dark silver color. The previous record was set in the waters of Newfoundland in 1969 - then the non-target tackle was caught cod weighing 44 79 kg. Record lasted a little more than half a century, but now there is hope that the world record will be recognized as a trophy German angler.


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