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There are jewelry is something that makes people revere them, dream about them, lose sleep and rest, and sometimes even the head. Beautifully crafted jewelry, elegant and intricate Toli toli large and massive, will still be a luxurious accessory. The most valuable of all the jewelry is usually made of diamonds, and there usually is a rule: "the bigger, brighter and rare stone, the better and more expensive jewelry itself." In addition, the most interesting jewelry, tend to have an equally interesting story that gives them even more charm. We offer an overview of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

10. Panther Bracelet Duchess of Wallis Simpson, $ 12, 4 million

Panther bracelet onyx and diamonds made famous by Cartier in 1952. He belonged to the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson, known for its elegance and good taste. It was a gift to her from the king of England, Edward VIII, who for the love of it abdicated. In 2010, at Sotheby's bracelet length 19, 5 centimeters acquired an anonymous buyer. He raised the price three times from the start, despite the absence of a few stones. Rumor has it that it was Madonna, who made a film about the great love of Wallis and Edward.

9. tiara with emeralds and diamonds, $ 12, 7 million

Amazing tiara with emeralds and diamonds once belonged to Princess Katharine Henckel von Donnersmarck. It is said that before it wore the wife of Napoleon III, Eugene, reputed trendsetter. Tiara consists of 11 Colombian emeralds weighing 500 zhemchuzhevidnoy form carats.

8. A diamond necklace with ruby ​​Heart of the Kingdom, $ 14 million

One of the oldest and most respected jewelers in the world Garrard has incredible decoration price of $ 14 million. Ruby necklace with a large heart-shaped easily converted into a tiara. Diamond Weight 155 carats. Ruby weighing 40, 63 carat Burmese origin refers to a very rare stones and accompanied by a certificate of the Swiss lab.

7. A ring with blue diamond from Bulgari, $ 15, 7 million

Ring with two diamonds from Bulgari is unique for several reasons, and the price is not the most important. Firstly, one of the stones - a triangular blue diamond weighing 10.95 carats, and the second stone - another triangular diamond weighing 9.87 carats. Secondly, decoration made one of the largest jewelry companies in the world. And, thirdly, the price is explained by the presence of the American Gemological Institute report, confirming the weight, purity, color and flawless stones.

6. Ring with blue diamond from Chopard, $ 16, 26 million

Blue diamonds - it is a rarity, and the stone in the ring by Chopard best of the best. The cleanest blue oval stone (9 carat weight) with two triangular diamonds decorated in a setting of white gold 18karatnogo.

5. Pendant "Heart of the Ocean," $ 20 million

Pendant is definitely considered to be one of the most recognizable in the world of jewelry. This is an exact imitation of the necklace used in the shooting of the film "Titanic." Created his jeweler Harry Winston of blue diamond weighing 15 carats. In addition, it is the most expensive jewelry that is worn at the Oscars. It should be noted that even a replica of the pendant at auction are sold at 3, $ 5 million.

4. Perfect pink diamond, $ 23, 2 million

Diamonds - very expensive, and color are even more expensive. Perfect Pink diamond was named for the perfect pink color. Center stone weight 14, 23 carats, two stones weigh less, respectively, 1, 73 and 1, 67. To further enhance the beauty of the stones, they straightened in 18 carat pink and white gold.

3. Diamond Wittelsbach-Graff, $ 24, 3 million

We wonder stone interesting story. It is said that found in the Indian kingdom of Golconda diamond bought the Spanish King Philip IV as a dowry to his daughter. True or not, the diamond was at the Habsburgs, and later in the family of Wittelsbach (Wittelsbach). In 2008 it was bought by Laurence Graff and cut into three parts, to get rid of cracks. The result is a blue Wittelsbach-Graff diamond weighing 4 carats.

2. Bikini diamonds, $ 30 million

In 2006, the super model Molly Sims appeared on the podium in an amazing bathing suit. He made of the purest diamonds weighing more than 150 carats and platinum. Author swimsuit - designer Susan Rosen, working in Steinmetz Diamonds.

1. Brilliant Graff Pink, $ 46.2 million

On the origin of a rare pink diamond weighing 24 carats 78 very little is known. Bought it for the private collection of the famous American jeweler Harry Winston (Harry Winston), and then re-sold to another collector and jeweler Laurence Graff (Laurence Graff). The price he paid was the highest ever received for jewelry.


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