The abuse of sweets kills the immune system

The abuse of sweets has ever led to a "sweet" life. Not so it was all good, so good. Often, young kids are stuffed with jam and honey for quick recovery. Stores tease the kids abundance of sweets, the selection is huge and they all want to, all that is beautiful and bright. And what a delicious! They do not explain what can be the consequences of consuming large quantities of sweets.

Children, after eating sweet, becoming more likely to get sick, the immunity weakens. There is drowsiness, frequent fatigue, thirst. Parents think that this is another viral infection, the common cold and treat the child at home. He recovers, but gets tired more and more often, and then suddenly he has produced diabetes. And they think the origin of this disease? Because the child was healthy!

You need to remember all parents, grandparents, sugar and all sweets are very harmful to health. Better feed the kids vegetables and fruits than chocolates and candy.

In addition to the sugar there is addictive. Often we notice that when we are sad, I want to eat something sweet for example chocolate or ice cream. And immediately our mood rises. It begins to act the hormone of happiness – endorphin. But it would be better to eat a banana or an orange (Mandarin), which is also improves mood and by the way, benefits!

Diabetes mellitus is formed after sugar begins to be deposited on the liver. The abundance of "sweet" life into a constant dependence on insulin. Scientists have even invented a special drugs that eliminate the habit of sweet. After a few days, you'll pass the "yum-yum shelves" in the store, not choking on your saliva.

The most important thing that should remember everyone that our health is above all! There is no need to poison yourself? I want sweet? Buy best raisins, dates or dried apricots. And even better, a banana or view salad recipes for diabetes. There are numerous solutions that will leave your body more healthy and young and should think about this now.




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