The male and female brain 20 differences

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1. Proven that a woman's brain is 10% less than men. But intelligence is not affected.

2. Interestingly, decreases the male brain to age faster women.

3. To solve the same tasks men and women use different parts of the brain.

4. If a man is lost, it will remember the direction and distance traveled, and the woman – object-orientation. As for the wheel: a man remembers the road by numeric values of distances, and the woman often remembers all sorts of signs and shop Windows. wink

5. The woman often remembers all the details, man enough summarizing thoughts.

6. Men perceive information faster, and therefore react faster. But…

7. Women are more likely to perceive multiple information streams, and men get annoyed when they have to do something "together".

8. Men are stronger in the exact Sciences, and women are better humanitarian.

9. Yes, everyone was waiting for this theme, so here it is: men think about sex every minute, while women remember him every couple of days. Manic and other extremes do not count

10. Women are more talkative. This sociability associated with the operation of the pleasure center in the brain. The conversation is akin to orgasm.

11. Men and women react differently to sharp and annoying sounds.

12. To establish trust the woman enough to hug for 20 seconds.

13. Women use almost three times more words per day than men.

14. The female brain during the operation generates more heat, because "burned" more glucose.

15. Men and women have different perceptions of humor. Men are more concerned with cheerful finale, and women get pleasure from the subtleties of humor in General, the language of presentation, and from junction get even more pleasure than men.

16. Women have better-developed organizational skills.

17. Mens ear weaker female. Therefore, women hear the subtle intonations, and men – not always. And in terms of tactile sensations men women lose. The sight of men, enough artesiano, whereas women are better at remembering any details of the picture.

18. Men perceive it with logic, so "hear exactly what is said," and women connect intuition and emotions, so they "everywhere some hints haunted".

19. Women are by nature more sociable, men are aggressive competitive. Therefore, men are more likely to fight. For the same reason women are annoyed that men are unable to maintain with them a long conversation, and it just, that men's speech is developed, usually weaker.

20. If on the road is a ball, the man kick it with your foot, and the woman is likely to get picked up and pressed against his chest. This is different natural purpose of men and women.


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