Tomatoes – an excellent prevention of prostate cancer

Researchers from the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford said that men who eat over 10 portions of tomatoes a week have 18 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

The researchers observed the diet and lifestyle of 1806 men aged between 50 and 69 with prostate cancer and compared with similar data 12 005 men without such disease. Researchers have established a link between the consumption of three food components: calcium, selenium and foods rich in lycopene, and prostate cancer.

Men who had optimal intake of these three food items had a lower risk of developing the disease. Tomatoes, tomato juice and baked beans were the most effective. They reduced the cancer risk by 18 percent, while consuming more than 10 servings a week.

Author Vanessa Er of observations: "Our findings suggest that tomatoes may be important in the prevention of prostate cancer. However, more research is needed to confirm our findings. Men should still eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight and stay active".



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