9 techniques for productive time management, you may have not tried

The money is gone — will acquire, the time is lost — will not return

Time is one of the most valuable tools in our lives. Our life is our time and the burning time is equal to the fast life.

People who achieve a lot in life – often those who manage their time efficiently and wisely. Without time management and planning, we often spend it in vain on useless tasks and projects, and it's too late when we realize this.

Below are some simple techniques that will help you to manage your time and accomplish tasks most effectively:

1. Write down your tasks

It is recommended to have a notebook or diary, in which you'll be able to record all planned for the current day. This approach will not only give clarity to the work you want to perform, but will also help you better organize your time.

If at some day in your schedule has a lot of free "Windows", you can use them to complete some unfinished work.

2. Arrange the tasks according to their importance

Set its task priority. Often we spend time doing unimportant things and miss important. First work on more important tasks. Even if you will not be able to finish all the planned work, then at least you will do what is important and urgent.

3. Assign each task a deadline

Without such time tasks will take us more time than when such terms are established. Deadlines konkretisiert purpose and are the emotional engine in order to finish the job.

We all know that anxious feeling arising from the approximation set for the task execution period, even if this deadline we set for ourselves. In this moment we become faster and more focused. But don't forget that the deadlines should be realistic. Unrealistic deadlines after their failure was disappointing, and after a while you cease that or to mean for us.

4. Group tasks

To increase performance, it is recommended to group similar tasks together and execute them simultaneously or one after the other. It will save you time.

5. Start your day with the most difficult tasks

It may sound strange, but it works. Planning and arranging on priorities your tasks, start your day with the most difficult of them. Often the most difficult tasks are left to the end of the day. However, the maximum amount of energy and emotional strength of a person are often there early in the day. And at the end of the day, when power left a bit, they may simply not be enough for more difficult tasks.

Although each person can have individual schedule peaks and valleys of energy throughout the day. It is recommended to sort it out and in use, assigning hard tasks on time with maximum energy levels you have.

6. Do the individual tasks to the music

Music sets a certain pace of work. In addition, a familiar and pleasant melody improves mood. It should be noted that the music probably helps if you're familiar and routine work.

If you need maximum concentration and focus, the music is good, and you'd rather have a complete silence.

7. Plan breaks in your work schedule

Breaks needed by all. To keep the body and mind need rest. Your mind needs regular breaks to process, sort and store information. No one can work continuously and constantly to keep up its efficiency. Breaks are necessary and you can plan them.

After each difficult and time-consuming task, take a break. After a few days or weeks of continuous operation, you also need a break to rest and recharge. This will bring clarity to the mind and restores energy for new cases.

8. Keep your emotional tone

Our productivity may be much diminished when we feel sad or depressed. Therefore, it is important to maintain a positive emotional state. And in this regard we so often hear the advice to do the work you love that allows us to keep our emotional state at a high level.

No emotional stamina and enthusiasm, productivity decreases and in this case, even a simple task can take a lot of time.

9. Learn to say No

You should know their capabilities. You can't do whatever you please, especially if it does not coincide with your goals. You always have the opportunity to say NO.

As in your personal life and professional activities you may want to forgo perform tasks and duties that you are capable of. The excessive number of cases and responsibilities is likely to be the cause of the surge, which ultimately affect the most important for you Affairs.

Therefore, learn to say NO. Easy promises often are not fulfilled. Consider whether new suggestions for your purposes. Whether you will be able to follow them, sufficiently trained. Only then settle.


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