Dr. Michael Roizen — how to slow biological clock

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According to Professor Michael Roizen, a way of life that we lead plays a significant role in the mechanisms of aging of our body. Recommended Professor? Change your habits for good and you will extend your life!
"Good habits will help you to effectively deal with the aging of the body, if you take on Board all of the advice, and the effect will come faster."

Regular consumption of tomatoes (sauces, roasted tomatoes) allows men to lose from the existing 1.9 years, 0.8 years;

Daily quality sex with a regular partner allows you to reset from 2 to 8 years;

Thirty-minute daily walk in the fresh air allow you to lose 1.6 years;

Weight training for 30 minutes a week can help you lose up to 1.7 years;

Chocolate in small amounts daily is very useful and allows to lengthen life by 1.3 years;

Eating only good fats helps to improve to 3.4 years of life;

Eating five different fruits daily helps to add 1.4 years of life;

Eating one ounce (1 oz. = 0,0353 ounces) of nuts any day can extend life by 3 years;

The use of boiled, steamed fish or fish, steamed, helps extend life of 3 years;

Eating balanced vitamins helps to lose 3.3 years;

Much laughter prolongs life. From 1.7 to 8 years;

The intake of folic acid in the vitamins separately or in nutritional supplements adds 1.2 years of life;

Daily intake of vitamin B6 is still 0.4 years of life;

Calcium and calcium rich food is an additional 0.5 years of life;

The contents of the oral cavity in order and visits to the dentist every 6 months is still 6.4 years


Breakfast every day — this 1.1 year life;

Hand washing and good food processing — 0.4 years of life;

Quality, healthy sleep. 7 hours for women, 8-nil hours for men. From 3 to 12 years of life addition;

Maintaining a healthy weight (women's weight is considered ideal that they had in 18 years, for men the ideal weight for 21 years) — 6 years of life;

Drinking alcohol in small doses every day (of course, if you have no inclination to it) prolongs life of 1.9 years.

So, Dr. Michael Roizen recommends that you immediately begin to slow down your biological clock by choosing from a given list at least five tips for the total sum of 5-8 years of additional life.


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