More expensive but tastier. Than wild salmon differ from salmon

August is the peak season for wild salmon

Salmon or Atlantic salmon are currently an endangered species, but by breeding them in fish farms this delicacy is available at relatively low prices all year round. You can not say about the wild salmon from the waters of the Pacific ocean, which are just now in season.

The experts and simply gourmet-lovers say that the quality salmon, grown on the farm, don't compare with wild salmon. Taste, texture and color of fillets of Pacific species surpass all grown salmon.
Wild salmon swims long distances, its color is the result of the natural diet — feeding on krill, plankton and algae. In fish farms salmon are grown in containers, and the characteristic pink color of the fillet is attached artificially.

Some companies are exploring more natural methods of divorce fish, because such production is a potential health hazard.

For most inhabitants of the planet, this fish remains a rare seasonal delicacy. Fresh Pacific salmon are delivered to the markets of the world for just a few weeks from mid to late summer.

Salmon grown on farms, have two fundamental differences compared to the wild, they are significantly cheaper and are much fatter. Therefore, before wanting to enjoy this glocosamine raises two problems. First, it is quite hard to distinguish from wild grown, most people do not know the diversity of the Pacific species, because any salmon can be called a salmon or red fish. Secondly, due to the lower fat content of wild salmon and their preparation requires more care, it's a beautiful fillet quite easily spoiled by improper cooking.

Popular types of Pacific salmon

The largest of the Pacific salmon is the Chinook salmon. Its length in the middle reaches 90 cm. the Americans called this fish king salmon (king salmon). From other salmon Chinook salmon is a large (more than 15) number of Gill rays. Inhabit the waters off the Pacific coast of America, and Arctic and Asian: Kamchatka, the commander Islands, Amur and Northern Hokkaido.

Coho salmon — large fish up to 98 cm in length, weight — 14 kg From other salmon coho well has a bright silvery color scales, because Japanese and American name — silver salmon (Coho salmon, silver salmon). The most common coho salmon on the North American Pacific coast, where it lives from Alaska to California. But also its area captures water from Kamchatka, commander Islands and Hokkaido.

In the meat of the coho from 6.1 to 9.5% of body fat. It contains vitamins B1, B2, minerals and trace elements — iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, molybdenum, Nickel, fluorine, zinc, chromium.

In fact a red fish also called red salmon, is different from many typical salmon color. At length the representatives of this species is 80 cm, the weight is usually 1.5-to 3.5 kg unlike other Pacific salmon, often spawn in lakes, not necessarily in the field exit key. The meat is not pink, like other salmonids, and intense red color.

Especially a lot of sockeye salmon in Alaska, along the California coast and on the Eastern coast of Kamchatka and Sakhalin.

Smallest size and the most abundant representative of the genus of Pacific salmon – pink salmon. The average weight of pink salmon to 2.2 kg. the largest pink salmon reached a length of 76 cm and weighs 7 kg.

Pink salmon is found in cold coastal waters of the Pacific and Arctic oceans, from the Sacramento river in Northern California to the Mackenzie river in Canada and the Lena river in Siberia to Korea.

Its meat is suitable for soups, stewing, frying, pickling and canning. However, experts say a specific "dry" meat, especially fried. Pink salmon caviar is also used in cooking: after pickling, pickling.

Fillet of any of these types of Pacific salmon has a rich taste and aroma. To prepare a culinary masterpiece with him quite a grilling. But it is important not to overcook the fish. Cooks suggest the minimum to cook wild salmon, and it is better not to cook and enjoy the taste of this fish in its purest form.


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