Caution! Norwegian salmon - fish of mass destruction

Norwegian salmon, farmed - the most toxic food, which you can only imagine

. The fishing industry in Norway is in second place after oil. Salmon Norveniya grown in sea cages in special fish farms. Such cages (enclosed space of the water surface) installed near the coast.

Franzuskie journalists examined the fishing industry to find out the secret of the high catch fish. It was found that under the bottom of a thick layer of clogged farms bacteria. Moreover, in order to destroy various parasites, chemicals are used. The degree of water pollution goes beyond all permissible limits. The seabed is almost dead. At the bottom in large quantities are pesticides, many different substances with high toxicity.

Norwegian salmon grown under conditions such toxic. In the water, the fish lice spread, which is the overriding concern of the Norwegian fishermen. It kills the fish, because it is a parasite on the body. Fish louse is very stable, so the Norwegian sailors are forced to use pesticides that effectively destroy it, which is very lamentable impact on fish. This fish is born already subjected to mutation, which disappears only when you change eight generations of individuals.

Freshly caught Norwegian salmon is literally falling apart. Fish meat should be firm and elastic.

Norwegian salmon, diluted artificially contains three times more fat than the wild. That is a large amount of toxins accumulate in the fatty tissues. Norwegian salmon, bred in artificial conditions, subject to a high degree of contamination. Due to the high content of toxins in the meat of fish, Norwegian salmon, is used in food is harmful to our health. When buying fish, pay attention to what is wild or farmed fish.


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