The Golden rules of design and construction of straw houses

Builders of straw houses from company Huff ‘n’ Puff's, Australia, took a set of Golden rules which they recommend to follow. These rules were a continuation of a brief statement of Jan Sturman published in the summer of 2000, "All I know about the house":

  • Build small, simple, and beautiful
  • Listen to what he wants to be.
  • Use what found and natural materials.
  • Know when to start, and then start.
  • Finish what you start.
  • Spend your own money, reluctantly.
  • Using simple tools — that's right.
  • Share skills.
  • Build a friendly house, not just a house.
  • The house is only a shelter, not your life's purpose.
  • Do your other work.

1. Practice on a test bench (or the wall) before you build.
2. Build a small building.
3. Don't design a two-storey house.
4. Inspect your bales in place before you buy and take them the day before payment, not after.
5. Keep straw blocks at a height of not less than 250 mm from ground.
6. Buy Windows and doors in advance. Narrow, long Windows are better than wide Windows.
7. Make large angles in the walls at least half a bale width in each corner. We prefer to put two bales of straw — 1.8 meters.
8. Always do adequate protection for the walls. Good cornice is a minimum protection.
9. Use of technology is inexpensive and small, load-bearing pavilions.
10. Get ready! Always prepare your materials in advance.
11. Put the roof before beginning to work with the walls.
12. Protect the straw walls in the construction process.
13. Never use cement plaster.
14. Recruit your friends and neighbors in the construction process.

But straw houses that they build:


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