How to have fun in the Moscow metro

play leapfrog with humpback old ladies

screaming at the turnstiles "and motherfuckers start up?»

"There is no extra ticket?" - To moan at the entrance

interested, to begin a month of pregnancy benefits

I need to know whether the travel on my worms

"I have Siamese twins in his underwear like to be with him in terms of ticket»

Metro employees called "oversized cargo»

when the train approaches, yelling around "going, going, you see ?!" and pull them behind the coat

run into cars ass forward and tagged on space

respond to the message the driver, "he pussy, I know»
 (just ask me)

into the microphone, "an engineer" tell jokes

entering the carriage of seated passengers rude "I yesterday took the place»

agitate morning passengers compete in pulling up on the railing

teach musicians pluck a violin out of the hands screaming "yes fucking wrong ... Give me»

screaming in connection with the engineer "all champagne - I treat you!»
 ("The brakes, I Posse»)

mysteriously interested in the passengers' Tell me, have you ever blew really? »

move on the car jump, on the perturbation to answer "can not lose shape»

screaming in the car, "hey, on the back of the site all paid fare?»

have an interest in standing in front of you: and you go out in the third, after this?

to the question "do you go next?" say "I have no time here to talk with you»
 (alas, do not go out)
 (Alas, does not deigned)
 ask passengers "and who are you to Learn?»

said an unfamiliar woman "You smell of fish»

Grandfather giving place to say "Sit down, tomboy»

demand make room shouting "I am for this place sucked Putin»

© bugzzz, mixedb


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