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News, in fact, slightly polubayannye, but here among them like accordions clean yet.

First, you can take anywhere:

Putin signed amendments prohibiting the sale of SIM-cards with the hands of the buyer and without the necessary documents, reports RIA "Novosti" on 3 November. According to the law, these "vendors" will be punished with a fine, which will make for the citizens to 5 thousand rubles for legal entities - up to 200 thousand rubles. As reported in the consideration of the bill MPs introduced rules allow action to stop scams that are unregistered or purchased without the personal data of SIM-cards. Moreover, such "faceless┬╗ SIM-cards can be used to commit crimes, including terrorist acts. The paper pointed out the place where the carrier may enter into contracts for the provision of cellular services. It is envisaged that enter into contracts for the provision of telecommunications services and implementation of billing may natural or legal persons having a written document confirming the authority to act on behalf of the operator.

The law will come into force on January 1, 2014.

It would seem - at last took up the scam, we ought to rejoice. Yes, but that's reading, what is under the cut to me somehow not on itself ...

For commuters will follow with the help of SIM-cards

In the Moscow metro will sensors that will monitor the passengers by reading information from the SIM-cards installed in their mobile phones. According to July 29 the newspaper "Izvestia", they become part of the intellectual security.

Operations Chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow metro Andrey Mokhov told the publication that the objective of the system - search for stolen mobile phones. However, experts believe that its scope is much broader.

The radius of the range of the sensor reading, which will be installed in the subway, will be about 5 meters. When a passenger passes by, the system will record that the past carried the SIM-card with a specific number. If the card is wanted, the system automatically creates a route of its movement and transmit the information to the control duty.

"To view the sensors must be installed on all the surveillance cameras at stations, in subways and in the lobbies. If a person has stolen the phone and he asked the police officers on duty immediately "score" cell phone number into the system, and that will show the station on which it was recorded, "Sim" - said A.Mohov.

"Police will be able to view images from the cameras at the time when the sensor is fixed map to identify the suspects and direct orientation to colleagues at the station, on which the offender may go further. It does not matter whether or not the phone is turned on. The main thing that remained in SIM-card & quot ;, - said the representative of the Ministry of Interior.

Executive Director of the Association of the security industry, Alexander Ivanchenko believes that the effective operation of such a system need to install readers sensors every 10 meters. According to him, the system is not created to search for mobile phones, but in order to ensure a high level of control of the security forces.

"Obviously, the cost of the system would be disproportionate to the value of the stolen phones. In addition, effective technologies to combat thefts are already known: in the US, for example, the owner of the stolen phone is enough to call the operator and the stolen unit will stop working, even if it insert another SIM-card "- said the expert.

Retired police colonel, a lawyer Yevgeny Chernousov suggested that the sensors are needed primarily for combating terrorism: "The events of recent years have shown that the existing facilities are not always enough to find terrorists. The ability to quickly track down criminals on the phone can help prevent a terrorist attack in the subway ┬╗.

To be able to track the SIM-card MIA will need to negotiate with the mobile operators, which are their owners. Georgy Ter-Akopov, the lawyer of the Moscow Bar "Knyazev and partners," noted that usually after thieves steal your phone emit SIM-card. The phone can still be tracked by its own number (IMEI), but it is already owned by the passenger, not the operator.

But something tells me that not because of crooks and swindlers all the fuss ...



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