20 cases where advertisers have failed to do his job. Miserably

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Sometimes it's harmless, but sometimes these fail hair stand on end, or starts a fit of laughter.

The mother of dragons-tennis — here is the plot twist.


At first we didn't know what it was and got scared. Then, too, did not understand.


"Buy an elephant" can now be literally.


Route No. 69.


Their feet never will.


Yes, even with the discount! It is necessary to take.


Copywriter, which was expected.


Favorite cafe of Hannibal Lecter.


Mammoth is not the same.


And the chick Twitty too.


Don't know what they are, but, apparently, the dealer they have in common.


Multifunctional toilet.


Honey covered the body of the friend. Hero!


Do not break your head over the gift.


All of a sudden.


Would be better if we didn't see the "legs".


Thank you for not being cowards.


Rhetorical question.


Not like that to happen.


Here she is, wound into knots.


But apples stuff, not water.

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