Surgeons first transplanted a dead heart

Australian surgeons said it carried out the first transplant of dead hearts, reports "Bi-bi-si". At first, the doctors revived ceased beating heart, and then transplanted on the patient.

Usually hearts for transplant are taken from donors who have confirmed the death of the brain. Prior to transplantation the organ is stored in the cold for about four hours. In this case, the surgeons used a heart that had stopped 20 minutes before the start of the operation.

The first patient who received new heart, said that he felt 10 years younger and has become a "different person". In addition to his heart received another two patients.

Equipment used by the doctors of the hospital of St. Vincent in Sydney, involves the return of your heart to life using a special medical device. The heart is stored in a container with a nutrient fluid (blood donor) a certain temperature, which protects muscle fibers from damage.

Doctors call this a huge breakthrough, which will solve the problem of shortage of donor organs. According to experts, the new technique will allow to save 30 percent more lives by increasing the suitable for transplantation of donor organs.

Earlier similar technique of preparing organs for transplant has already been used to improve the quality of donor lungs and liver.



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