Rules for the education of Tibetans

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Tibet is a special place, Buddhists and Hindus consider it sacred. And to understand Tibet can only be visited there. And approach to child-rearing there.

The first period. Child up to 5 years.

A child should be treated as a king. To BAN anything. Only to distract. If he does something dangerous, then do the frightened face and publish a startled exclamation. The child understands that language perfectly. At this time lays the activity, curiosity, interest in life. The child is still not able to build long logical chain. For example, he broke an expensive vase. He does not understand what to purchase this vase needs a lot of work to make money. Punishment he will perceive as suppression from a position of strength. You will teach him not to hit the vase, and obey the one who is stronger. It is necessary to you?


In the second period. The age of the child from 5 to 10 years.

At this time, to go "like a slave". To set tasks and to demand their implementation. You can be punished for failure (but not physically). At this time, we are actively developing intelligence.

The child must learn to predict people's reactions to his actions, cause a positive attitude and avoid negative manifestation. At this time, don't be afraid to load the child with knowledge.

The third period. The age of the child from 10 to 15.

As equals. Not on an equal footing, namely "as an equal", because you still have more experience and knowledge. Consult with him on all important issues, provide and promote independence. Impose their will in "velvet gloves" in the process of discussion, hints, tips. If you don't like something, then focus his attention on the negative consequences of avoiding outright bans. At this time formed the autonomy and independence of thinking.

The latest period. He's not a child since I was 15.

Treat the child with respect. Raised too late and you just have to reap the fruits of their labors.

What will be the consequences of failure to comply with these rules?

If you suppress a child up to 5 years old, you suppress its vitality, zest for life, intelligence, immunity. Teach him mindlessly and habitually obey brute force. Make him easy prey for all manner of scoundrels.

If you continue to Lisp after 5, the child will grow infantile, unable to work and do the spiritual effort.

If you take care of the baby as a little after 10, the child will grow uncertain, will be dependent on a more independent friends who may not always have the desired effect.

If you do not respect the child after 15, he will not forgive and will go forever at the first opportunity.



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