How to make cream cheese at home

In many recipes of sweets, such as cheesecake, or the beloved tiramisu, an ingredient featured cream cheese or mascarpone (mascarpone), but you can buy it are often nowhere (if you live in a small town), or it costs fabulous money. So we decided to tell you how to make cream cheese at home.

To prepare cream cheese at home, you will need a cream with a high percentage of fat and lemon juice. There are several conditions that need to be taken into account that the cheese turned out well. Firstly, the cream must be very bold, and secondly- the freshest, and thirdly, the household (of those that are sold in the store good cream cheese will not work).

In recipes, on average, usually requires cream cheese 200-300 grams. To get output about 350 — 400 grams of cream cheese, you need somewhere 800 ml of cream.

So, pour 800 ml of cream into a container and put it in a water bath. When the cream will acquire a temperature of about 80°C-90°C, stirring continuously input a tablespoon of freshly squeezed (and strained) lemon juice. Continue to stir, until the cream thickens. This will happen pretty quickly. When this happens, cover the container lid and leave for 12 hours to cool. During this time the lid will not open. To get the cream cheese with the sour taste, you can slightly increase the amount of lemon juice, but not more than two tablespoons per liter of cream.

After 12 hours the cream to coagulate and separate the serum. Lay obtained cheese mass in cheesecloth, folded several times, and hung it in the fridge for a day to stack the rest of the serum. Using the day cream cheese will be ready. To spend it immediately, as he kept only a few days in the fridge.

Design for hanging in the fridge to make cheese very simply. If you have shelves in the fridge lattice, it is possible to tie the cheesecloth directly to the grid, and the top to put a plastic bag. And if the shelves are plastic (one piece), you will need a deep container (pot), and some kind of sturdy stick. Tie the cheesecloth to a stick, put cellophane on top of the package, and set the wand on the edge of the pan so that the cheesecloth does not touch the bottom.

I hope you will succeed and you will have access to any Goodies that contain cream cheese or mascarpone, but if you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in comments to this article.


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