Why early to bed and early to rise

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The per second of time there are certain processes in our body, and their occurrence depends on the phase of motion of the Sun. The whole system works with great precision. And we in the activities of the Sun and time can't change anything, because the daily routine of the man is strictly regulated.

At midnight the sun is in its lowermost position, so at this time we should be in a state of maximum relaxation. Therefore, the best time to sleep from 21: 00 — 3:00, although it is possible to sleep from 22 until 4 am, and also from 20 to 2 nights."

What is the strength of the early bedtime?

The mind and the mind resting most active from 9 PM to 11 PM. So if You don't have to sleep at least 10 PM, then You will suffer the functions of the mind and of the mind.

Those who regularly go to bed later than 23: 00 are gradually declining mental abilities. The decline in the intellectual power does not occur immediately, so the man can't draw a parallel between sleep and mental exhaustion.

You may notice the following signs of fatigue of mind and reason, such as poor concentration or excessive tension of the mind, strengthening bad habits, a decrease in willpower and the increased requirements in sex, food, sleep, and conflicts.

If a person does not sleep from 11 to 1 am, it will have disorders of the nervous system and muscles, weakness, pessimism, lethargy, loss of appetite, heaviness in the body mental and physical fatigue.

If a person does not sleep from 1 a.m. till 3 a.m., then suffers the emotional power. As a result, excessive irritability, aggressiveness, antagonism.

If human activity is in a strong nervous tension, he should sleep 7 hours and get up at 4-5 am or even sleep 8 hours and get up at 5-6 am.

But in all cases going to bed after 10 PM is harmful for both mental and physical health.

The consequences of non-compliance in addition to the aforementioned disorders?

If the person continues to ignore the correct mode of the day he will gradually begin to experience a state of depression, and her development will happen quickly. 1-3 years of depression to accumulate, and we feel the colors of life fade, and it seems that everything around becomes dark. This is a sign that the brain is not resting and his mental functions are depleted.


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