The secrets of business from the 49-year-old Jack MA, the richest man in China

49-year-old Jack MA, the richest man in China, shares the secrets of business and gives useful tips.

If the meeting 90% of those present vote "for" a particular proposal, I throw it in the trash. The reason is simple: if all these people so clearly see this opportunity, it is likely that working on that a lot of other companies, and we will not belong to the leadership in this.

Jack MA: the mistake, which I regret

In 2001, I made a mistake. I explained to his staff, with whom he founded the company that career limit in the company for them — level managers. In order to hire top managers of the level of Vice President and above, I thought I need to find professionals.

Years later, none of these hired professionals in the company no longer works, but those in whom I doubted, perfectly fulfill the role of Vice-presidents, and even higher.

I have a principle that I follow is: your attitude to work and decisions you make, more important than your abilities.

You can't make everyone think alike, but you can get everyone to believe in one common goal

Don't even try to get their employees to think alike is impossible. A third of the people who work for you, don't believe you. Don't let them work "on the person". Instead, rallying them around a common goal.

It is easier to unite people around a common idea, than around a single leader, no matter how unbelievable it may be.

Than the leader of the company differs from the employee?

The head of the company should never compare your technical skills with the skills of employees. Technical skills should always be better than yours. Otherwise, you hired the wrong people.

Then what the leader is different?

The head of the company should be the vision of the company for many years to come.

A leader must have strength of character and perseverance in order to withstand what is not the power of ordinary employees.

It needs to have a remarkable ability to endure the blows of fate and to survive the inevitable failures.

Therefore, a good leader is distinguished by the presence of vision, perseverance and character.

Do not engage in politics

Politics and money can rarely be in the same hands. If you went into politics, forget about the business. And Vice versa. When money meet with the policy, this is equivalent to the fact that the match meets dynamite — wait for the explosion.

4 questions to modern young people

What is real failure? The real failure is the cessation of fighting.

What is the flexibility? You will understand what flexibility when you are experiencing setbacks, difficult situations and disappointments.

What are your responsibilities? Your responsibilities to be more diligent, more work and have more ambition than others.

Only fools use their mouths in order to speak. Smart said head, the wise heart.

We are here to live life to the full

I always tell myself that we are born not to work and to enjoy life. In order to make life better for other people, not to spend all the time at work.

If you spend all the time at work, sooner or later you will regret it.

About the competitors and competition

Only fools are competitors with aggression.

If you treat everyone around as enemies, then they will be your enemies.

When you compete with each other, avoid hatred, it will destroy you.

Competition is like a game of chess. If you lost, you can always play another round. Fighting is optional.

The real entrepreneur has no enemies. Once you understand this, no one will stop you.

About whining and complaining

If you sometimes allow myself to complain, there is nothing to worry.

If you fall into depression regularly and often complain about life, it becomes like alcoholism — the more you drink, the harder it is to stop. On your way to success you will notice that successful people do not complain and whine.

The world doesn't care what you say, it is important that you do.

Pro tips to entrepreneurs

The real opportunities lie where no one sees.

Try to keep your employees come to work happy.

Number one is the customers. Number two — the employees. And then, number three shareholders.

Start to adapt to the new conditions before they are noticed by others.

Forget about the money and about how you are going to earn.

Instead implement some minor chips and tricks, focus on stability and long-term plans.

Your attitude determines how far you will go.

About the business

It often happens that a good opportunity is difficult to explain clearly. That can be simple and easy to explain, as a rule, is not a good opportunity.• As a partner you should find someone who complements your skills. You don't necessarily need someone successful.

Looking for the right people, not the best of people.

Most unreliable in this world is relationships between people.

"Free" is a very expensive word.

Today is difficult, tomorrow will be worse, but the next day everything will be fine.

What not to do

Very bad quality for the entrepreneur: to be a snob, not be able to adequately assess the situation, take the high temp and not be able to support him, not to have the ability to look forward.

If you don't know everything about your competitors, or you underestimate them, or you don't see them as a threat, then you will definitely lose.

If your competitor is less than you, or too weak, you should still treat him as an equal. Similarly, if your competitor is much more than you, don't fear him.

About your business

When you start your business, it means that you give up a stable income, sick leave and annual bonuses.

On the other hand, this means that your income is not limited by anything that you will make better use of your time and you will not have to ask permission from other people.

If your decisions differ from the decisions of your peers, and your life will be different in one direction or another.



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