Mad Jack Churchill

Colonel Jack Churchill (John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming «Jack» Churchill, 16 September 1906 - 8 March 1996), nicknamed "Soldier Jack Churchill" and "Mad Jack", he was the most frostbitten British soldiers who fought during the Second World War. Jack went into battle armed with a bow, arrows and a short Scottish broadsword.

In May 1940, Churchill and his division of the Manchester Regiment attacked a German patrol near LEpinette, France. Churchill gave the signal for the attack by shooting from the bow of the German sergeant entered the history of the Second World War as the only British soldier, who shot an enemy with an arrow. After the Battle of Dunkirk, Jack volunteered to Commandos, not even imagining what a unit of Commando. Its just interested ustrashayuscheee name.

Churchill was the second commander of the commando raid "Archery" - operations of special units of the British armed forces on the captured German Norwegian island vågsøy December 27, 1941. Churchill first jumped out of the ambush, and bravely played tune on the bagpipes before you throw a grenade. For his heroism, Churchill received the Military Cross.

During the fighting in Italy, company of Churchill was commissioned to capture the town Pegoletti. Realizing that his soldiers will not be able to get close to the Nazis noticed, Jack goes on a risky step, which can be called an adventure of pure water. After waiting for the darkness, he built several soldiers in the ranks and gave the command to attack. At the same time they had to scream at the top of - "Commandos !!!" The trick was a success - the Germans were confused by surprise and have been successfully captured in an amount of about 130 people.

Churchill captured the Belgian weapon.

Meanwhile, Churchill himself threw back even more cool tricks. In the company of Corporal, he crept up to the camp Wehrmacht soldiers who were digging a trench mortar. Watch for two hours, Churchill ran at them with a sword and yelled "Hyundai Hoch!" The Germans by surprise immediately surrendered. After passing one of the guards corporal Churchill put his neck on the second leather strap of his revolver and ordered to walk along the edge of the German positions. Approaching each group of Germans, Churchill lulled the attention of fellow views and vividly took prisoner. In the morning he was able to capture 42 soldiers. Churchill plunged them all the equipment, including guns and mortars, and together they headed back to the English camp.

In 1944, he led the Commandos in Yugoslavia. In May, he was ordered to attack the Germans controlled the island of Brac. He organized a motley army of 1,500 partisans and 43 commandos. Bagpipe Churchill gave the signal to engage the enemy. Only Churchill and another six managed to reach the goal. Under the mortar fire, killing all his colleagues, but Churchill, continued to play the bagpipes, "Surely you will not come back?". In the end, it threw grenades and unconscious captured. When Churchill was taken to the German capital, he managed to set fire to the Luftwaffe aircraft using scrap paper and cinder candle. After Berlin, Jack was in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where immediately fled, managed to get to Rostock, but was again arrested and sent to Austria. From the Austrian camp Churchill escaped again using minute malfunction in the electrical system, lighting, and this time successfully reached the Allies liberated Italy, marched 150 miles with a rusty can of onions as food.

Jack Churchill (right) conducts exercises Landing. In his right hand he holds a sword.

The war in Europe ended. "If it were not for those damn Yanks, we could be fun to fight another 10 years!" Lamented Jack - "Well, again, there were also Japanese!».

However, here again luck was on Mad Jack. His forwarded to fight in Burma, but then surrendered and Tokyo. Colonel Churchill responded to this as follows: "Well, as the Japanese cheated me, our team went to war with the Indonesians».

After the war, Mad Jack Churchill acted in films, retrained from SWAT in paratroopers and finished his service in 1959, having more to war in Palestine, the Jewish Haganah and Arab radicals.

It remains to add that Mad Jack died at his home in Surrey in 1996, at age 89, leaving behind two sons.



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