5 recipes for headaches


According to experts, headaches are suffering today more than 80% of adults. Its causes can be different. And methods of treatment too.

Headache can occur in completely healthy person. It can be moderate and can cause unbearable pain until the nausea. The causes are numerous, ranging from simple weather changes or fatigue. The term "headaches" includes a group of different diseases, each of which can be an independent disease or a symptom of any other. Therefore, it is impossible to name any one major cause of headaches. After a thorough examination it must be installed by the doctor.

Headache is episodic and goes away. Is delayed and becomes chronic, reducing our quality of life and ability to work. Moreover, often causes the development of depression and autonomic disorders, sleep disorders, etc. In this case, just a doctor's consultation.

1. If the headache is caused by stress condition in a few days in the evening, before sleep should be put in the mouth one tablespoon of granulated sugar, then drink the whole Cup of water. A woman who suffered severe headaches after unpleasant experiences, Wang advised the evening before bed take a tablespoon of sugar syrup.

2. Chronic headache healer recommended to treat a decoction of savory (not to be confused with thyme!). Savory has antispasmodic properties. The healer advised to make a decoction (water should be plenty) and evening, dipping the head in a container of broth. Hold it for 10-15 minutes. Then this decoction to rinse your whole body. In addition, another tip Vanga – with headaches to wash hair with decoction of parsley.

3. There is a large amount of warm pulp of lemon. You can also take fresh lemon peel with a diameter of two centimeters, cleaned of white matter, attach to his head damp face and keep for some time. Soon in a place called lemon peel formed by the red spot that will start a little warm and itchy. And the headache would go away.

4. Another way to get rid of a headache is to take 2 times a day sitz bath. And when the pain caused by fatigue, will help warm bath with sea salt or herbs, tea from lemon balm or chamomile.

5. Excellent headache remedy – clay. Wang believed that it is filled with "solar magnetism". Clay consists of very many minerals that our body needs and has a wonderful ability to eliminate afflictions. If you have a headache, you need to put lotion from clay on the neck and forehead. Another option of pain relief – ointment from clay. Take a lump of clay, soak in water, stir with a stick until the consistency of ointment, and add a little vinegar. This ointment to put on the soles of the feet, to divert excess "bad" blood from the head. Applying the ointment, wrap the feet with cloth and put on warm socks. Ointment to keep the hours.


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