Proper nutrition for diabetes

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The main component of the treatment program in mild form of disease is a proper diet. In more severe cases balanced diet combined with taking the necessary medications (insulin, hypoglycemic drugs, etc.), especially when diabetes occurs associated with obesity.

Diabetes is high blood sugar level, which not enough blood insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas and regulates metabolism.

The main symptoms of diabetes – a strong thirst, quite frequent urination with a standard amount of urine. Naturally, to detect the presence of diabetes is impossible. In this case, you must pass analysis of blood sugar, which in laboratory conditions will reveal the presence of the disease.

The basic principles of diet in diabetes: First of all it is necessary to consider the energy consumption of the patient and accordingly distribute the energy in food.

Must adhere to uniform amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for a balanced absorption of products.

Recommended 5-6 meals a day eating small portions throughout the day.

For people with this disease and excess weight, you need to include in the diet vegetables: spinach, sauerkraut, green peas, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. In diabetes, very much rests on the liver, so you need to use oatmeal, soy, cheese and other products containing lipotropic factors. Moreover, you should avoid eating fried foods or eat them in very small quantities.

All meals in patients with diabetes mellitus have to be filled with vitamins. Banned the use of all confectionery and sweet products, savoury dishes, alcohol, smoked meats, raisins and grapes. Easier said sugar may be permitted only in those doses, which allows the doctor.

Of course, nobody says that you need to eat only tasteless and insipid food. Need to the food was the most diverse, but it did not harm the organism as a whole. A delicious alternative to the usual sugar-the cake will be this helpful recipe:

Cottage cheese fruitcake with nuts (for diabetes) You will need:

400 grams of cottage cheese;

2 eggs;

90-100 grams of flour;

90-100 grams of bran;

100 grams of crumbled nuts (walnuts);

100 grams of apples;

3 grams of soda and 0.2 grams citric acid and some salt.

Wiped through a sieve cheese, then the beaten eggs are added and everything is mixed. To the mixture are added the other ingredients (except fruit). Everything is made evenly and shifted to a form that has been lightly dusted with flour. Slices of apples cake decorated and placed in a preheated 200-220 degree oven until fully cooked. The finished dish is cut into cakes, and, if desired, watered with sour cream.


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