10 facts about food that You might not like it

If You consider yourself a real foodie or just love delicious dishes of different peoples of the world, then these following facts about food can become a real discovery for You.

1. In Japan for sushi often use the fish called the blue-fin tuna. However, this fish can cause not only pleasure, but also to lead to heart attacks or other diseases of the heart muscle. And all because its meat contains a very dangerous compound mercury, the use of which in large quantities increases the risk of heart disease significantly.

2. To try all launched today, apples (7,5 thousand varieties), You'll spend 20 years of his life. This is of course assuming one Apple – one day.

3. Did You know that smokers should refrain from taking vitamins beta-carotene? The fact that tobacco smoke reacts to this beneficial and turns it into a carcinogen.

4. Recent scientific studies have shown that more than 90% of all fruits contains a large amount of pesticides, even after heat treatment. This primarily applies to peaches and apples.

5. A normal banana can attract mosquitoes, so we advise You not to eat a lot of fruit before going to the river or in the woods.

6. In our time, the chicken will contain about 200 times as much fat and 30% less protein than 40 years ago. Such changes have occurred due to the use of the non-natural poultry feed.

7. In coating the interior of food cans and some plastic bottles used resin that contains bisphenol A. This element can cause problems with reproductive function, including infertility.

8. If You notice on the packaging of a dietary product indicating that it contains little fat – maybe You want to cheat. After all, it does not mean that the product is low in calories and natural fats always be replaced with harmful chemicals that simulates the taste of food.

9. You probably noticed that almost all the children's sweets have a bright color. Such rich colors treats often include substances that cause hyperactivity and perevozbujdeniem our children, and to completely abandon them is impossible.

10. To negate all the gain calories after visiting a bistro and eating fast food, you need to run 8 hours, so nutritionists recommend to visit such places not more than 1 time per month.


Source: mif-facts.com.ua


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